Casio Life Style Digital Camera EX-FR100 FOC 16GB Card + Monopod + Action Cam Attachment + Tripod Adapter
By Casio
Casio Life Style Digital Camera EX-FR100 FOC 16GB Card + Monopod + Action Cam Attachment + Tripod Adapter (Casio Warranty) 
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Product Description

For a moving experience like never before — shot free-style
Detaching the camera from the controller makes for a more advanced free-style camera. We significantly upped its potential with new picture quality, functions and ease of use. A lineup packed with options for a variety of activities. Spreading the fun of the outdoors all the more.
Right when the hook set, just like you wanted. The 1 shot with the feel of your camping memories.
Image along the way trekking, just so. Slightly different selfie of you in the canoe.
The pursuit of camera performance perfect for outdoor use
To raise its performance in outdoor scenes, we’ve increased overall camera performance significantly. With a new engine and lenses, and the high-speed and sensing technologies they’ve unleashed, we’ve produced a camera that’s comfortable outdoors and shoots in high-resolution.
NEW With enhanced interval shooting and camera-shake stabilization for shooting videos, it’s more fun to shoot hands-free and while doing something else
Our high-speed and sensing technologies produce interval shooting with little blur, even when walking. Capable of shooting automatically at set intervals for photographs and movies that sizzle.
And the camera provides a high level of stabilization in 3-axis for shake that occurs when moved while shooting a movie.
VERSION UP! [ Highlight Movie ] Automatically creates full-scale movie footage
Automatically creates a movie from the still or video footage you shoot. The camera automatically selects the best contents using our unique algorithms that incorporate editing techniques of professional movie creators. So you can look back on your memorable experiences via a digest in story format.
Packed with functions that increase the breadth of outdoors scenes you can shoot
Landscapes and people are a given, but you can also shoot morning, noon or night in high resolution — however difficult the conditions, such as backlighting or in the dark. You can capture various scenes clean and clear, without making difficult settings.
NEW F2.8, 16mm* super wide-angle lens for shooting wide scenes
Its super wide-angle 16mm* lens shoots over a wide range with little distortion. With the magnificent outdoors as your backdrop, enjoy your selfies — alone or with friends — turning out just as you wanted.
* 35mm film equivalent.
NEW [ EXILIM Auto Transfer ] Auto send images to your smartphone at the press of a shutter button
You can “Auto Send” captured images to your smartphone simply by taking pictures as you usually do. Your images are sent directly to your smartphone, even when it’s tucked away in your bag.
* May not be possible depending on the communications environment or the smartphone model to be connected.

NEW Toughness that takes on the hard conditions outdoors
Super strong materials and construction produce a toughness you can use in the rough outdoors. Packed with protections from the environment, tough against impacts, water, dust and the cold, so you can use it whatever the scene.
New Shooting Style
Allows you to shoot while enjoying yourself, whatever the outdoor scene. For a moving experience like never before — shot free-style.
Unique style so you’re free to shoot as you like
Can shoot in Wearable Style, with the controller detached from the camera, or shift to in-line for Selfie Style, or fold the hinge over for Camera Style. Change among the different styles to suit your scene.
Lots of different attachments are available to go with all kinds of outdoor activities. Spreading the fun of the outdoors all the more with shooting styles like never before.
Wearable Style Selfie Style Camera Style
Right when the hook set, just like you wanted.
With its waterproof housing + antenna cable set + multi-angle stick, the camera can shoot the underwater world you can’t normally see.
Antenna cable set
Connect the controller to the camera in its waterproof housing. Allows you to control the camera — monitoring, shutter, etc. — from dry land while it’s under water.
Shooting dynamic video dancing in the sky.
Using the multi-angle stick while you paraglide, you can get a selfie with impact like never before. Makes your sky walking more exciting than ever.
Multi-angle Stick
With the camera on one end and the controller on the other, you can check the angle and shoot.
The 1 shot with the feel of your camping memories.
One night at your camping site. If you use the LED ring light, you’re sure to record the expressions of everyone in the family.
LED ring light
Allows clear shots with its 6 bright LED in a ring layout. Can be adjusted to 3 levels of brightness.
Slightly different selfie of you in the canoe.
Fix the lens to the canoe to shoot selfies with the background from water level. It’s waterproof, so shoot worry-free about getting it wet.
Multi-angle clip
A pedestal clip that rotates 360 degrees. Easy to put on and wear in different places.
Image along the way trekking, just so.
Wear the camera on your body and interval shoot while you hike. It allows auto-recording of the scenery and expressions — for photos with little blurring, even while you walk.
Multi-angle belt set
Attach a 360°-rotating belt to your belt to mount the camera unit on your wrist or head. Supplied with two types of belt, long and short
For the real exhilaration of running along the trail.
Fasten the lens and shoot hands-free. The images shot while running bring back a realistic feel of that exciting time.
Tripod Mounter
The hinge unit attaches to the tripod attachment with one touch — then onto any standard tripod screw. The controller can also be attached using an adapter.
Catch a riding scene for the feel of speed.
You can enjoy shooting from various angles, to catch the scenery flowing by or your touring friends following along.
Tripod nut
Allows it to be attached to standard tripods

Advanced Camera Performance

We’re pursuing camera performance that is perfect for outdoor use via our unique high-speed and sensing technologies.

NEW [ EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3 ] Two image processing circuits for high-speed performance

A dual-pipeline processing circuit (2 CPUs and 2 ISPs*1) and a DRP*2 for processing images at high speed have now made it possible to continue pressing the shutter to take photographs while complex image processing is taking place. Its easy-to-see screen and intuitive operations make shooting all the more pleasant.
*1 Image Signal Processor: An image-processing unit for digital cameras that processes image signals at high speed.
*2 Dynamic Reconfigurable Processor: A processor which can freely adjust the hardware configuration to suit any requirement.
Normal Dual CPU engine
EXILIM Engine HS, Ver.3

NEW [ Intelligent Interval ] For limited blurring or tilt, even with active scenes

During interval shooting, even as the camera shoots continuously at high speed, it uses its sensors to detect movements and orientation of the camera, analyzes them in real time and automatically selects the images with least blurring or tilt. Then it further analyzes the images, such as for facial detection, contrast, etc., and saves the best 1 frame. Our high-speed and sensing technologies let you get nice, clean shots with little blur or tilt.

[ Quick Response ] With a shooting interval of just 0.4 second*, you can snap pictures fast and easy

Take shot after shot with a shooting interval of just 0.4 seconds*. You can press the shutter again right after a shot, making for stress-free shooting. In short, you'll never miss a sudden photo op.

* Based on CIPA standards.

NEW [ Max. 30 fps High-speed Continuous Shutter* ] Captures the moment you want to shoot
EXILIM has realized high-speed continuous shooting of 12 MB images at up to 30 frames/second.* It can capture fast-moving subjects in crucial moments.
* A maximum of 30 images can be taken.
NEW [ Prerecord Continuous Shutter ] Can also capture continuous shots the moment before you press the shutter
The high-speed burst shooting of up to 30 frames, before and after the shutter is fully depressed. You never miss a photo opportunity.
♦ Maximum number of shots possible/time: 15 frames before and after pressing the shutter
♦ Continuous shooting speed: 30 frames per second
NEW [ High-speed Movie* ] Captures moments on video that you can’t see
Shooting in our 240fps high-speed movie captures fast movements, such as in active sports, the human eye can’t even see. It allows you to play back momentary movements in slow motion.
* Capable of shooting 240 frames per second.
NEW [ 3-axis Anti-Shake Video ] enables movies with little blur
In addition to vertical and horizontal shake compensation, we’ve added anti-shake to the 3rd axis, roll. Thanks to its sensing and image analysis, it grasps the camera movement, allowing it to shoot movies with minimal blur, even while moving in an active scene.
  1 Vertical Shift  2 Horizontal Shift  3 Rolling
Variety of Shooting Functions
A variety of functions to increase your outdoor fun, your fun of shooting.
NEW [ Super wide-angle 16mm* lens ] takes clear shots over a wide range
Equipped with a wide-angle 16mm* lens. Capable of shooting over a wide range with minimal distortion, so it not only captures landscapes vividly, but the people in them are sharp too. And at a bright F2.8, the lens shoots beautifully in dark places too.
* 35mm film equivalent.
[ Interval Shooting ] Automatically take snapshots and movies at fixed intervals
Set what you like for the shooting interval (5s, 15s, 30s, 1 min, 2 min) and the shooting style (snapshot only, movie only, snapshot + movie), to automatically shoot snapshots and movies at fixed intervals. Even during interval shooting, you can still use the camera unit shutter button to shoot snapshots and movies.
Continuously capture active at a minimum interval of five seconds.
Even during interval shooting, you can manually take still or video images.
* Interval shooting will pause while the monitor is displaying.
NEW 6 Interval scenes
Equipped with 6 scenes with just the right shooting interval for different activities. Just select your scene to enjoy easy interval shooting.
♦ Shooting scenes: Standard, Intelligent, Hiking, Biking, Snow & Water, Leisure
* 5-second interval shooting available only in Standard.
[ Premium Auto Pro ]
The camera analyzes the scene quickly and automatically.
You take beautiful photos with just a press of the shutter button.
The camera automatically makes high-speed continuous shutter image merging according to prevalent conditions, even of difficult scenes, such as backlit or night scenes. Optimal settings and image processing will be carried out speedily for all types of scenes to produce the ideal photograph from tens of thousands of permutations.
[ Make-up Mode ] Photograph skin looking beautiful
When it identifies a human face, the camera makes the skin look brighter and smoother.
[ Art Shot ] It’s easy to take pictures in individual styles
There are five Art Shot modes for impressive changes to the style of pictures, so you can easily enjoy expressing pictures with individual character.
Toy Camera
Creates photos with a vague focus such as a toy camera might take.
Soft Focus
Overall blurring for a soft and romantic effect
Light Tone
Reduces the overall contrast to create photos with a soft tone.
Employs sepia coloring to suggest the passage of time and add a nostalgic ambiance.
Creates grainy, high-contrast monochromatic photos with a powerful impact.

[ Full Hi-vision Movie ] Capture beautiful movies

You can shoot movies with full Hi-vision image quality. It’s convenient for recording active scenes with high movement.

Way to enjoy pictures you’ve taken

Makes your fun time outdoors into content right there so you can share it with everyone.

VERSION UP! [ Highlight Movie ] Automatically creates full-scale movie footage
Intelligently selects the best contents from a vast amount of recorded still or moving images. The camera creates full-scale movie content using algorithms that incorporate story composition techniques of professional movie creators. All so you can look back on your memorable experiences in full high-definition movie produced with effects and transitions.
  • Durations: 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min
  • Produced with effects and transitions
  • 7 Kinds of BGM
  • Full high-definition movie

[ Time Lapse ] create a time-condensed movie automatically

It automatically creates time short a movie from still images taken at specified times. There are 3 types each of images to use and playback speeds.
  • Images to use: Date selection, interval selection
  • Playback speeds, fast: 0.1 sec/frame, medium: 0.2 sec/frame, slow:1 sec/frame

VERSION UP! [ Highlight Photos ] Automatically creates impressive photo content

Automatically chooses a recommended photo from the still images shot, by criteria like blurring, level, etc. Just specify a date and layout to easily create impressive photo content. 10 layouts are available. It's equipped with a shuffle function so you can reorganize the images with one touch.

NEW [ EXILIM Auto Transfer ] Auto send images to your smartphone at the press of a shutter button

You can “Auto Send” captured images to your smartphone simply by taking pictures as you usually do. Your images are sent directly to your smartphone, even when it’s tucked away in your bag*.
* Bluetooth® Smart compatible smartphone required.
* May not be possible depending on the communications environment or the smartphone model to be connected.

EXILIM Connect
* App may not work on some smartphone models.
* Check Google Play or App Store for OS versions that are compatible with the app.
* App Specifications superbuy:XME1415 and system compatibility are subject to change without notice.
Accessing the “Scene” smartphone app
You can very conveniently view, sort and share images at high speed by using the “Scene” access function of the “EXILIM Connect” app. The “Scene” smartphone app can be easily accessed from the “EXILIM Connect” app’s TOP screen or the screen displayed after sending images.
“Scene” is a smartphone app that is specifically designed for “enjoying pictures on your smartphone”. It features a simple and intuitive interface for quickly searching any desired image, and easily sorting photos in your album with the touch of your finger. Other features include the capability to send friends a maximum of 1,000 shots at one time for as many times as you may want.
Easy photo-check and SNS apps
Use the controller to connect the camera and your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi. By linking with your smartphone or tablet to control everything instead of your camera, it makes everything from sending images to using an SNS app smoother.
Copy function
You can view and copy pictures taken with the FR100, and content created on the FR100, on your smartphone or tablet.
Browsing and SNS Share Functions
Using the “EXILIM Connect” app, you can view photos and content that has been copied to your smartphone or tablet, and share it via SNS.
Enhanced Usability
We’ve pursued specs that make the camera comfortable to use outdoors, such as environmental toughness, great visibility and operability.
Toughness that can take water, cold and being dropped
  • Impact and cold specs — takes being dropped from up to 1.7m (1.3m when joined)*1 and the cold — down to -5℃
  • Waterproofing*2 : equivalent to IPX8, IPX6
  • Dust-proofing: equivalent to IP6X
  • Reinforced cover glass (dual construction) to prevent cracking from shocks
  • Water-resistant touch panel (controller)*3
*1 Cleared testing under our proprietary standard, drafted with reference to MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5-Shock (cleared a drop test from 1.7m onto plywood in 10 directions (on 6 sides and 4 edges)). This does not guarantee that the camera will not break or malfunction under any circumstances. Watertightness cannot be guaranteed after dropping.
*2 Allows continuous use during immersion in water to a depth up to 1.5 meters (4.92 feet) for 60 minutes (Test conditions defined by CASIO) and protection against jet spray from all directions.
*3 Touch panel operation is not supported under water.
NEW Large, clear and easy-to-see 3.0-inch 920,000-dot LCD
Equipped with a bright, high-performance LCD with a wide viewing angle and high contrast ratio. It’s easy to read outside, so you can easily check the screen even as you're enjoying an activity.
An intuitive touch panel and multi-color UI
Equipped with a UI that facilitates intuitive operation on the large, 3.0 inch screen. Our goal was a screen that is easy to see and use, with touch controls on the side of the screen and functions differentiated by color. It’s easy to operate as it feels like a smartphone.
Touch shooting
You can operate the camera with just a touch — tripping the shutter or locking the focus.
Multicolors corresponding to functions
Colors and functions are joined together, linking icons with the screens they transition to. Intuitive to use and clear to view.
Functions that enhance its ease-of-use
♦ Turning the camera off automatically turns the controller off simultaneously.
♦ The monitor display can be flipped to mirror image while shooting.
♦ Capable of deleting a series of images in playback mode.
♦ Quickly and easily increase/decrease the highlight scores of multiple images.
♦ The time until the monitor sleeps after last operation can be set.
Materials and construction for producing comfortable shooting
♦ The cover glass (camera) has a dirt-resistant coating
♦ An elastic floating structure (camera) for guarding against shock
♦ Made of a lightweight, strong, fiber-reinforced nylon material (hinge unit)
♦ Made of stainless steel (stays) via the MIM process of molding and sintering metallic powder
Anti-slip treatment to enhance operability outdoors
♦ Tactile coating to improve grip and feel
♦ Dimpling to improve the ease-to-hold
♦ Knurled so you can tell the position of buttons by touch
Uses Bluetooth® for quick responsiveness
Communication between the camera and controller is via Bluetooth® Ver. 2.1+EDR Connects wirelessly quickly on power-up and keeps the connection intact even in sleep mode. Compared to Wi-Fi, recovery and reconnection times are quick, for smooth shooting.
Smart operability that doesn’t feel wireless
The camera unit and the controller unit have Bluetooth® chips and MCUs. The link is controlled by the two MCUs in synchronization, so it’s so easy to operate, you never notice the wireless communication. Even if the camera unit and the controller unit are moved apart, the link enables stable monitor display.
* The maximum range for shooting with the controller's shutter button is around 10 meters (32.8'). The maximum range for viewing the image on the controller's monitor screen is around five meters (16.4').
USB Charging and Powered Drive
Use USB connection between the body and a PC or power supply adapter, you can not only recharge, but use as a power supply as you shoot. This is useful for long-term drive.

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Question and Answer on Casio Life Style Digital Camera EX-FR100 FOC 16GB Card + Monopod + Action Cam Attachment + Tripod Adapter (Casio Warranty) 

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Body Design, Main Parts

  1. Strap holes
  2. Carabiner strap
  3. [ USB ] port / [ RESET ] button
  4. [ RELEASE ] button
  5. Hinge unit slot
  6. [ ON / OFF ] button
  7. Operation lamp
  8. Shutter button
  9. Movie button
  10. [ FREE ] lever
  11. Wireless LAN connection
  12. Memory card slots / [ RESET ] button
  13. Lens
  14. Speaker
  15. Microphone
  16. Strap holes
  17. [ USB ] port

Product Specification

Number of Effective Pixels
Approx. 10.2 megapixels
Image Sensor
1/2.3-inch CMOS (back-illuminated type)
Total Pixels: 12.76 megapixels (/million)
File Format
Still Images: JPEG (Exif Ver2.3), DCF2.0
Movies: MOV format, H.264, IMA-ADPCM (monaural)
Built-in Flash Memory 
(Image Area)
49.9MB* built-in flash memory
* Built-in memory capacity after formatting.
Recording Media
microSD Memory Card, microSDHC Memory Card, microSDXC Memory Card compatible
Number of Recorded Pixels
Still images: 12M (4000 x 3000) / 5M (2560 x 1920)
Movies*: Full HD (1920 x 1080 30fps) / STD (640 x 480 30fps) / HS 240 (512 x 384 240fps)
* Movie recording time is limited at 29 minutes.
Recording Capacity 
(Maximum Size)
Still Images: micro SD Memory Card*: Approx. 2286 Shots
Movies: Maximum Movie File Size: 4GB
Maximum Movie Length: 29 minutes.
* When using SanDisk Corpotation 16GB microSDHC Memory Card.
F-number: F2.8
Focal Length: f=2.87mm
Approx. 16mm equivalent to 35mm film
Zoom Ratio
4.0x digital zoom 
Focus Type: Contrast Detection Auto Focus
Focus Mode: Auto Focus, Macro, Pan Focus
AF Area: Intelligent, Multi, Spot
Focus Range 
(From Lens Surface)
Auto focus: Approx. 10 cm - Infinity
Macro: Approx. 3 cm - 10 cm
Pan Focus: Approx. 55 cm - Infinity
Exposur Control: Program AE
Exposure Compensation: -2EV to +2EV (in 1/3EV steps)
Shutter Type
CMOS electronic shutter
Wireless data transfer
Bluetooth® (Version: Bluetooth® ver2.1+EDR, Output Class: Class 2), Bluetooth® Smart, Wi-Fi (Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
Bluetooth® (Version: Bluetooth® ver2.1+EDR, Output Class: Class 2)
Other Recording Functions
♦ Recording Functions
Auto mode, Premium Auto Pro mode, High Speed Continuous shooting, Prerecord (still image), ART SHOT, Interval Shot, Makeup, Touch Shutter (AF + Shoot, AF Only), Face Detection, FHD Movie, STD Movie, High Speed Movie (with sound only when 30fps of Full HD and STD), Movie Anti Shake, Wind Noise Cut, 4x digital zoom, White Balance (Auto WB, Daylight, Overcast, Shade, Day White Fluorescent, Daylight Fluorescent, Tungsten, Manual WB), Exposure Compensation: -2EV to +2EV (in 1/3EV steps), Remote Capture*, Auto Send*
♦ Other Functions
Camera and Controller Separate System Pairing, Auto Send File Settings*, Resize When Sending*, WLAN password
Rotation Lock, USB Battery Charge, USB Power Supply
Rotation Lock, Mirror Image, Vibrator, USB Battery Charge, USB Power Supply
* Requires installation of the EXILIM Connect app on your smartphone.
Monitor Screen
3.0-inch TFT color LCD, 921,600 dots, Capacitance touch panel
Timekeeping Functions
Date and Time: Recorded with image data
Auto Calendar: To 2049
External Connection Terminals
[Camera] Micro USB port (Hi-Speed USB compliance, USB Charging / USB powered operation)
[Controller] Micro USB port (USB Charging / USB powered operation)
Power Requirements
[Controller] Rechargeable lithium ion battery (internal)
[Camera] Rechargeable lithium ion battery (internal)
Battery Life
Number of Shots*1: Approx. 235 Shots*1, Approx. 285 Shots*2(Camera Standalone operation)
Actual Movie Recording Time*1 (Full HD): Approx. 55 minutes
Continuous Movie Recording Time*2 (Full HD): Approx. 1 hour 20 minutes
Continuous Movie Recording Time*2 (HS240): Approx. 1 hour 30 minutes
Continuous Playback (Still Images)*3: Approx. 4 hours 10 minutes
*1 In accordance with CIPA (Camera and Imaging Products Association) standards.
*2 Based on CASIO standards.
*3 One-image scroll approximately every 10 seconds.
Not a guarantee of battery life during actual use.
[Camera] 60.9(DIA) mm x 33.3(D) mm
* excluding Hinge Unit
[Controller] 59.2(W) x 86.7(H) x 19.4(D) mm
[Total Length] 60.9(W) x 154.8(H) x 38.7(D) mm
* connecting Camera and Controller
* including Hinge Unit
[Camera] Approximately 76g
* excluding Hinge Unit, including Memory Card
[Controller] Approximately 103g
[Total Weight] Approximately 214g
* connecting Camera and Controller
* including Hinge Unit, including Memory Card
Bundled Accessories
Controller (EX-FR100CT)
Hinge Unit
Tripod nut
Carabiner Strap
USB-AC Adaptor (AD-C53U)
Micro USB Cable
AC Power Cord
Basic Reference

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