Casio Life Style Digital Camera EX-TR70
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Casio Life Style Digital Camera EX-TR70 
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Product Description

VERSION UP! Make-up Mode provides even higher quality images to enhance the expression of beauty.

The make-up function has evolved even further to provide images portraying the ideal beauty of the skin that women seek, together with the desired skin tone and smoothness. Make-up effects that not only provides a brightness to the skin but also a fresh, vivacious tint to express smooth and natural beauty has been achieved. Features that are three-dimensionally defined with great clarity ensure images that portray the true charm of women.

NEW Make-up on Movie

Make-up effects now supported to make not only selfies, but also videos much more fun. Attain the desired level of skin smoothness and tone even with videos.
  • Skin tone and skin smoothness settings reflected back onto the images.
  • Effective with the Make-up Mode, Premium Auto Pro, BS HS Night Scene Portrait and Instant Movie functions.
  • Processed differently to still images.

NEW Instant Movie

Filming is possible while the button is being pressed, enabling the user to produce their own original movies by joining together multiple cuts. The make-up effects are supported in created videos to enhance the enjoyment of posting them to SNS sites.

NEW L/R Flip Shot

It is now possible to invert the images being recorded so that they are seen in their original form when taking selfies with the lens and LCD aligned on the same side.


From the pursuit of beauty comes stunning image quality

EX-TR70 combines EXILIM Engine HS Ver.3 with a high sensitivity 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor and a newly developed lens with outstanding optic qualities. Also equipped with a high brightness LED for capturing even more beautiful images in dark or backlit conditions, vastly improved self-portrait image results can be achieved in any situation. What this means is that you can enjoy selfies that are a cut above anything you’ve ever experienced before.

A high resolution image that is capable of showing each and every strand of hair
Powered by EXILIM Engine HS, Ver. 3
An advanced EXILIM Engine creating beauty for a new generation

NEW EXILIM Auto Transfer lets you smoothly share your captured images

All you have to do is take your selfies like you do every day and your images are automatically transferred to your smartphone. From there, you can easily share your pictures by emailing the images or uploading them to your favorite SNS. This seamless link between your smartphone and camera adds elegance to your sharing style.

“Auto Send” at the press of the shutter button

No smartphone operation required! 

NEW Design

Uses a tapering wedge shape from the lens toward the monitor. The main body gets thinner toward the edge and the frame is even thinner than the body to provide an impressive design and a slim size that easily fits the hands of women.

High-speed Technologies

Stunning image quality takes selfies to an ideal level
By reviewing the basics of “what is a beautiful self-portrait”, camera performance was upgraded to achieve unprecedented high quality self-portrait images. Combining this with Casio’s High-speed Technology makes it possible to capture beautifully delicate, high resolution images of outstanding image quality. By fine-tuning the capabilities of the sensor, lens and LED light, the individual performances of these key components which affect image quality have been substantially improved.
Accurate and detailed image quality that reproduces each and every strand of eyelashes
[ 1/1.7-inch Back-illuminated CMOS Sensor ]
Improved reproduction performance made possible by high sensitivity noise reduction
Boosting the light reception capacity by expanding the sensor size has significantly improved high sensitivity noise reduction. This allows you to capture bright, clear images even in dark locations. Furthermore, the self-portrait image quality has substantially improved to the point of showing very fine details in high resolution such as each and every strand of eyelashes.
[ Newly Developed Lens ]
Outstanding optical properties produce high image quality effects
Using a single focus lens, the EX-TR70 delivers excellent and clear rendering performance. Employing a glass mold lens, the design of each lens surface has been structured and applied with low reflection coating to suppress flares and ghosts which are common to backlit scenes. This enables the capture of clear, crisp images.
Reproduces each and every strand of eyelashes
Capture beautiful images regardless of situations such as dark or backlit scenes
[ High Luminance LED Light ] Captures beautiful selfies even in the dark
Substantially upgraded, the EX-TR70’s high luminance LED light is capable of a wider angle of illumination. Combined with the high sensitivity noise reduction function of the camera’s 1/1.7-inch back-illuminated CMOS sensor, you can capture a wider angle of view even in the dark.
Suppresses noise even when taking pictures in dark locations
In addition, by finely controlling light emission, you can effectively produce a number of effects to capture vividly expressed self-portrait images.
  • Bright enough but not blinding when shooting pictures
  • Beautiful results even when shooting brightly backlit scenes
  • Capable of inserting a beautiful, round glow in the pupil of the eye
  • Convenient for achieving optimum skin brightness effects in any situation
  • Color temperature close to natural light produces good color luminosity throughout an image
  • Adjusts white balance to produce a natural tone when capturing a subject or scenery
Unparalleled speed enabled by adopting two image-processing paths
Dual pipeline processing circuits (two CPUs*1 and two ISPs*2) and a DRP*3 capable of loading the latest algorithms as they emerge are installed in the engine, enabling it to perform digital processing at incredibly high speeds.
An easy-viewing display and a vector graphics core permitting intuitive operation assure a completely comfortable shooting experience.
*1 Central Processing Unit: The "heart" of a digital camera, responsible for conducting and controlling countless calculations
*2 Image Signal Processor: An image-processing unit for digital cameras that processes image signals at high speed.
*3 Dynamic Reconfigurable Processor: A processor capable of changing the hardware configuration freely to suit the purpose.
Normal Dual CPU engine
EXILIM Engine HS, Ver.3

Selfie Function

Capture your beauty and individuality just the way you want
The make-up function has evolved even further to provide images portraying the ideal skin beauty that women seek. Make-up effects that not only provides a brightness to the skin but also a fresh, vivacious tint to express smooth and natural beauty has been achieved.
VERSION UP! [ Make-up Mode ] Make-up Plus technology makes a more natural-looking beauty possible
Make-up Plus technology makes it possible to give your skin a beautiful, natural and smooth appearance while keeping its tonal gradations and details of individual eyelashes. Choose between 12 levels of “Smooth Skin” and make fine adjustments to your “Skin Tone” ranging from light to tan in order to capture selfies that show off your ideal skin type.
Easy to understand control screen makes adjusting effects easy
Skin Tone
Adjust the tone of your skin between a beauty-enhancing light to a healthy looking tan
Tan +6 0 ( Off ) Light +6

Smooth Skin

Suppresses any unnatural highlights and provides a bright, smooth finish

0 ( Off ) +6 ( Standard ) +12 ( Max. )
[ Make-up BKT ( BEST SHOT ) ] Capture the Skin Tone that best suits you
Save three images of varying make-up effects with a single press of the shutter button. Based on your Skin Tone setting, the EX-TR70 saves an image captured according to your setting as well as two images taken at levels above and below the setting, providing you with three visually distinct images. This allows you to capture the beautiful images that you want with one press of the shutter button, practically eliminating any need to retake a photo or changing the setting for every shot.
NEW [ L/R Flip Shot ]
It is now possible to invert the images being recorded so that they are seen in their original form when taking selfies with the lens and LCD aligned on the same side.
[ Selfie Pad ] places function control at your fingertips even while you hold the camera up for a shot
The Selfie Pad sensor located on the side of the camera’s LCD monitor enables selfie art selection as well as other functions, such as the zoom and shutter, to be operated without the use of the camera menu when taking one-handed selfies.
[ Compatible Functions ] 
Double tap to access functions.
While shooting: Selfie Art, Shutter, Zoom
During playback: Scroll, Zoom
[ Selfie Art ] allows you to express your selfies as stylized, original works of art
Select from 6 stylish effects to add to your Make-up effects, and turn your selfies into works of art. Your selfies can look more dramatic than ever before.
Fills the scene with light from a window
Provides a soft, feminine mood
Envelops everything with a soft glow
Provides a sentimental, wistful mood
Creates a lively and bright image
Makes it easier to work with on smartphones and SNS
NEW Make-up on Movie
Make-up effects now supported to make not only selfies, but also videos much more fun. Attain the desired level of skin smoothness and tone even with videos.
* Skin tone and skin smoothness settings reflected back onto the images.
* Effective with the Make-up Mode, Premium Auto Pro, BS HS Night Scene Portrait and Instant Movie functions.
* Processed differently to still images.
NEW Instant Movie
Filming is possible while the button is being pressed, enabling the user to produce their own original movies by joining together multiple cuts. The make-up effects are supported in created videos to enhance the enjoyment of posting them to SNS sites.
[ Selfie Function ] Even more variety and even more fun!
Eliminate the ‘routine work’ of selfies by adding even more freedom and flexibility to your shooting style. Now you can create photo expressions that are uniquely yours.
Posing Shot
One press of the shutter button triggers voice guidance prompts for five successive snapshots, allowing you to change poses between each shot. Enjoy a whole new self-portrait experience in which you’re the professional model, striking every pose you can think of.
[ 5 types of voice guidance prompts ] (2 beep patterns, 2 prompts in English and 1 prompt in Chinese)
Triple Shot ( BEST SHOT )
One press of the shutter button takes three continuous shots. By recording the frame before and after the moment of shutter release, Triple Shot helps avoid untimely blinking, ensuring that a photo opportunity is not missed. This feature also significantly reduces the chance capture of closed eyes frequently found in group photos. Combined with Make-up Mode to apply a lighter tone and smoother texture to the subject’s skin color, you can look forward to some beautiful results.
Choose the ideal shutter release method for your selfies
Selfie Timer / Motion Shutter / Touch Shutter
Selfie Timer
You can watch the countdown to make sure you are ready when the shutter releases.
Motion Shutter
When the camera detects movement in a certain part of the frame, it starts a timer* operation. It's the smart way to control the camera from a distance. Photos of your face look better than ever with Make-up Mode.
* 2-second fixed countdown
Touch Shutter
You can release the shutter by simply touching the LCD screen.
The camera will immediately focus in on the spot you touched and take a shot.
[ Digital Mirror ] A convenient mode for checking your appearance including your hair and make-up
You can use the EX-TR70’s high resolution LCD screen as a digital mirror. As you can zoom in on your face, you can conveniently use the camera as a hand mirror to check your appearance, apply or fix your make-up, or brush your hair.
* Make-up functions are not available when the Digital Mirror is in use.
Digital Mirror functions
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Horizontal flip (for checking how you appear in the eyes of others)
  • Pause (Freezes the screen to allow closer scrutiny)
  • Enlarge image
[ 21mm* wide-angle lens ] Wide images for group portraits
A rotatable screen and freely movable frame combine with a 21mm* wide-angle lens for simple, error-free self-shot portraits of you and your friends.
* Converted to 35mm film format.
Connect & Share
Constant connection with Bluetooth® Smart, send and receive with Wi-Fi
Newly compatible with Bluetooth® Smart, all you need to do is install the dedicated “EXILIM Connect” app to your smartphone and set it up just once to maintain a constant connection between your phone and camera. Combined with a feature that automatically sends your captured images by connecting with Wi-Fi at the press of a shutter button, the TR70 will provide you with endless potential for fun.
* Bluetooth® Smart compatible smartphone required.
* App may not work on some smartphone models.
* Check Google Play or App Store for OS versions that are compatible with the app.
* App Specifications superbuy:XME1415 and system compatibility are subject to change without notice.
[ EXILIM Auto Transfer ] Auto send images to your smartphone at the press of a shutter button
You can “Auto Send” captured images to your smartphone simply by taking pictures as you usually do. Almost like taking pictures with your smartphone, you can enjoy viewing your work on your phone or sharing them with others on your cloud album*1 or SNS site. What’s more, the image results are absolutely beautiful!
With just a first time setup…
You can pair the camera with your smartphone. Once you’ve set this up, you will have a constant Bluetooth® Smart connection between the two.
[ Remote Capture from your Smartphone ]
From your smartphone display, you can easily set up compositions, angles, and poses as well as release the shutter. This means you can shoot even better selfies.
  • Shooting stills (Premium Auto Pro)
  • Movie shooting*1
  • LED Light On/Off*2
  • Self-timer (10 sec)
  • Zoom
  • Recording mode (still images, movies) switching
*1 Video is STD (standard) image quality only.
*2 Not allowed by some recording modes.
[ Sending Images to a Smartphone ]
You can send captured images to a smartphone.
Sets of selected images are transmitted simultaneously.
* Up to 100 still images / movies, or up to a total of 500 MB,can be transmitted as a single set.
Easily upload to SNS
After sending images from the camera to your smartphone, you can immediately upload the images to SNS sites.
* Smartphone must be pre-installed with the SNS application that is to be used for uploads.
* The SNS application has to be set up before use.
[ Conveniently check images on your smartphone or PC ]
Images stored in the camera can be viewed, saved, etc. on your smartphone or a PC’s WEB browser without installing the dedicated app.
· The TR70 can be simultaneously connected with up to a total of 8 devices such as smartphones or PCs.
More beautiful. More elegant.
Based on the concept of “Fundamental Beauty” the TR70 captures the limitless potential of beauty hidden within all women by bringing out the true essence of their beauty in the same way as jewelers bring out the hidden beauty in unpolished gems.
Special attention has also been paid to all quality aspects, through to materials, shape, coating, finishing and other finely-tuned details, to provide the answer to ultimate beauty.
[ Element Design ] Element Design as an EXILIM TR family tradition
An inevitable structure for unrestricted shooting flexibility. This new style of photography enables flexible rotation of the lens, LCD and frame by adopting the highly acclaimed Element Design approach pioneered by the TR100. The resulting ability to shoot from unprecedented angles makes photography even more fun.
[ Full Metal Frame ]
Aluminum used for the outer frame; a first for TR. An ultra-thin shape that guarantees required levels of strength through the use of advanced casting and machining technologies. The white model has been finished in a deep texture exuding polarized light made possible with polarized pearl white electro deposition coating technology, and the pink and gold models have been finished in a pleasant chromogenic texture made possible with anodized film processing (alumite processing).
[ Wedge Shaped Design ]
Exploiting Casio’s unique technologies for creating compact, thin products and achieving high-density component mounting to provide revolutionary part layouts and part shapes. A wedge-shape design at only 9.5mm at its thinnest now available. In quest of beauty that perfectly fits the shape of women’s hands.
[ Lens Decorations ]
The lens is a mirror-surface ring finished in the same color as the body with vapor deposition, and the area surrounding it sports spin parts made possible with Yamagata Casio’s ultra-fine processing technology, all of which are covered with a high-transparency organic glass cover. Each model boasts its own texture and twinkles independently.
[ Panel ]
The smooth and sharp panel is coated with a special paint developed in a joint project with a domestic manufacturer, and it exudes a sophisticated and deep level of color intensity.
[ 3.0-inch, 920,000-pixel LCD ] Presenting beautiful images
The high levels of contrast and the power of the backlight on the LCD makes it the brightest of all displays in the TR series, which enables it to be viewed in high resolution with minimal fluctuation in brightness and color, no matter what angle it is seen from. The ability to portray vibrant colors with tight black areas enables all images to be checked on the high-resolution screen.
Basic Functions
[ Premium Auto Pro ] The camera analyzes the scene quickly and automatically
Beautifal portraits and scenery
Simply point the camera at the subject and press the shutter for shots with brighter and smoother skin tones, and more vivid background scenery.
Vibrant night scenes
Portrait with Night Scene produces beautiful shake-free and noise-free nighttime photos. The Make-up Mode reduces glossiness to give the face a natural skin tone.
Even moving subjects come out clearer
Subject movement is prevented by capturing the moving subject and increasing shutter speed.

[ HDR ] High-contrast scenes look completely natural with HDR

Five images are shot consecutively at different exposures, and pixels from the three images with the most appropriate brightness levels are combined into a single image at high speed. Overexposure and underexposure are eliminated, and a beautiful photo emerges.

[ High Speed Night Scene ] For shooting low-light scenes with Anti-Shake and noise reduction

The camera detects when it is being hand-held while shooting a night scene, and automatically shoots a high-speed burst of images which are then combined into a final image. This reduces image blue and produces a night scene that looks virtually as natural as it appeared when you saw it live.

[ SR Zoom ] For stable zooming with no reduction in image quality
The Super-resolution Technology assures your ability to capture high-resolution images when zooming in on your subject. It permits zoom shooting equivalent to 2X optical zoom.
Varied shooting styles plus a capacitance touch panel for stress-free photography
With Self-portrait Shutter, taking shots with your friends is comfortably stress-free. Depending on the scene you wish to shoot, you have a selection of shooting styles that include Touch Shutter which immediately adjusts the focus and releases the shutter with just one touch of the LCD screen; Motion Shutter which allows you to take a shot without touching the camera; and Self-Portrait Shutter which is the shutter release button conveniently located on the camera’s frame. This LCD screen features an electrostatic touch panel.
Installed with EXILIM Engine HS, Ver. 3, the total speed from startup to shooting is extremely fast, eliminating any stress when taking shots.
* Touch Shutter ON/OFF selectable.
  • Approx. 1.10-second start-up time*
  • Approx. 0.23-second high-speed AF*
  • Approx. 0.24-second shooting interval*
* Based on CIPA standards.
[ Touch operation ] Provides intuitive controls for smoothly capturing selfies
Designed not only for easy touch operation but for visual appeal, the GUI has been redesigned down to the minutest detail. For ease of operation, the GUI has been color coded according to function and features menu layouts that correspond to the camera’s vertical or horizontal orientation. This feature is particularly convenient for smooth operation when taking selfies which usually require the camera to be held in the vertical position. Furthermore, the visual appeal of the display is enhanced with a white based menu display, circular icons and other features that are in keeping with the camera’s theme of woman-like elegance.
[ Promotion Movie ] Easily create your own original short movie!
Easily produce a short movie highlighted with image effects and background music from 5 still images. With 2 time settings, you can create either a 6 or 15 second sequence of images at HD quality. Make an origial promotion movie that’s perfect for uploading to SNS sites via smartphone.
1. Select 5 still images that you’ve photographed
2. Choose your settings for playback time (15 seconds/6 seconds), effects (Yes/No) and music (Hyper/Groove/Retro/Cosmic/Dream/Off)
3. Enjoy a fully completed, expressive short movie highlighted by pan-zoom (only available for 15-second playback) and transition effects, supported by up-tempo background music.
[ Art Shot ] Capture distinctive photos with ease
An Art Shot function is incorporated to give realistic photographic images an impressionistic effect. The strength or color tone settings for each effect can be changed at will. You can view the ART effect on the display and adjust the result prior to actually taking a picture.
Crystal Ball
Take amazing, fantasy-like images in which the captured image appears to be reflected in a
floating sphere.
Sparkling Shot
A soft focus combined with a cross filter produces photos with fantastical visual effects.
Soft Focus
Overall blurring for a soft and romantic effect
Toy Camera
Creates photos with a vague focus such as a toy camera might take.
Light Tone
Reduces the overall contrast to create photos with a soft tone.
Intensifies color saturation to produce photos in a pop art style.
The fisheyelens effect can be used to create a variety of humorous images.
Employs sepia coloring to suggest the passage of time and add a nostalgic ambiance.
Creates grainy, high-contrast monochromatic photos with a powerful impact.
Narrows the focal range to produce photos resembling dioramas.

[ HDR Art ] Create dramatic art images with your camera

Effective use of the HDR function lets you transform ordinary images into works of art with just a press of the shutter button. Five effect levels are selectable in the HDR Art mode.

Merges burst-shooting images to give birth to works of art.

Normal Auto Shooting
Details are lost due to overexposure and underexposure.
HDR Shooting
Overexposure and underexposure are eliminated, producing images as true as those you see with your eyes.

This creative shooting function turns ordinary scenes into works of art with a push of the shutter button. In addition to the existing Levels 1-3 enabling users to control the intensity of the artistic effects, the TR70 is equipped with Extra 1 and 2 functions that realize richly detailed, more impressive and dynamic gradations of expression. The result is a significantly expanded expressive range.

[ High-speed Movie ] Permits detailed slow-motion playback
Having inherited EXILIM’s unique High-speed Technology, High-speed Movie records movies at up to 240 fps, capturing rapid action that’s too quick for the naked eye.
[ Full HD Movie ] For recording beautiful memories
Full high-definition can handle both shooting and playback from a vertical position. You can also use the frame to shoot movies from unique, unconventional angles.

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Product Specification

Number of Effective Pixels
Approx. 11.1 megapixels (/ million)
Image Sensor
1/1.7-inch CMOS (back-illuminated type)
Total Pixels: 12.76 megapixels (/ million)
File Format
Still Images: JPEG (Exif Ver2.3), DCF2.0
Movies: MOV format, H.264, IMA-ADPCM (monaural)
Built-in Flash Memory 
(Image Area)
Approx. 49.9 MB
Recording Media
microSD Memory Card, microSDHC Memory Card, microSDXC Memory Card compatible
Number of Recorded Pixels
Still Images: 12M (4000 x 3000) / 8M (2976 x 2976) Square / 3M (2048 x 1536) / 2M (1536 x 1536) Square
Movies: Full HD: 1920 x 1080, HD: 1280 x 720, HS240: 512 x 384
Recording Capacity 
(Maximum Size)
Still Images (JPEG)
Approx. 2286 shots (microSD Memory Card 16GB*)
Maximum recording time per file: 29 min.
* When using SanDisk Corporation 16GB microSDHC Memory Card.
Construction: 5 lenses in 5 groups, including aspherical lens
F-number: F2.8
Focal Length: f=4.58mm
35mm-Film Equivalent: 21mm
Zoom Ratio
4.0x digital zoom (in combination with SR zoom)
7.8x maximum digital zoom (in combination with HD zoom, 3M size)
Focus Type: Contrast Detection Auto Focus
Focus Mode: Auto Focus, Macro, Pan Focus, Infinity Mode
AF Area: Spot (Intelligent in Premium Auto Pro)
Focus Range 
(From Lens Surface)
Auto Focus: Approx. 8 cm to Infinity
Macro: Approx. 8 cm to 50 cm
Infinity Mode: Infinity
Pan Focus: Approx. 1 m to Infinity
Exposure Metering: Multi pattern by CMOS
Exposure Control: Program AE
Exposure Compensation: -2EV to +2EV (in 1/3EV steps)
Shutter Type
CMOS electronic shutter
Shutter Speed*: Auto: 1/20 to 1/16000 second, Premium Auto Pro: 1 to 1/16000 second
* May differ according to camera settings.
White Balance
Auto WB, Daylight, Overcast, Shade, Day White Fluorescent, Daylight Fluorescent, Tungsten, Manual WB
ISO Sensitivity
(SOS*): Still Images: Auto/ ISO80/ ISO100/ ISO200/ ISO400/ ISO800/ ISO1600/ ISO3200
Movies: Auto
* SOS: Standard Output Sensitivity.
Wireless data transfer
Standard: Bluetooth® Smart*
Standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Operation frequency range: 1 to 11ch
Encryption: WPA2
Other Recording Functions
♦ Recording Functions
Instant Movie, L/R Flip Shot, Make-up, Selfie Timer, Selfie Pad (Selfie Art, Shutter, Zoom), Snapshot (Auto/ Premium Auto Pro), BEST SHOT (Motion Shutter, Make-up Bracketing, HS Night Scene, HS Night Scene Portrait, Food, Nails, HDR, Triple Shot), Art Shot (HDR Art, Crystal Ball, Sparklimg Shot, Toy Camera, Soft Focus, Light Tone, Pop, Sepia, Monochrome, Miniature, Fisheye), Selfie Art (Elegant, Foggy, Fairy, Nostalgic, Vivid, Square), Posing Shot, Remote Capture, Auto Send, Movie (with sound only when 30fps of Full HD and HD)
♦ Other Functions
Pairing, Airplane Mode, Auto Send File Settings, Mirror, Vari-angle LCD, Rotation Frame, Auto Rotate, USB Charging, Resize before send, Timestamp
10 seconds, 2 seconds
Built-in Flash
LED light: Auto/ On/ Off
Flash Mode: None
Flash Range: None
Monitor Screen
3.0-inch TFT color LCD, 921,600 dots, Capacitance touch panel
Timekeeping Functions
Date and Time: Recorded with image data
With time stamp function
Auto Calendar: To 2049
World Time: 162 cities in 32 time zones, City name, date, time, summer time
External Connection Terminals
Micro USB port (Hi-Speed USB compliance)
Power Requirements
Rechargeable lithium ion battery (NP-150)
Battery Life
Number of Shots: Approx. 220 still images (CIPA standards)
Actual Movie Recording Time (Full HD Movie): Approx. 50 minutes (CIPA standards)
Approximate Continuous Moving Recording Time (Full HD Movie): Approx. 1 hour 10 minutes (Based on CASIO data)
Continuous Movie Recording Time (HS240): Approx. 1 hour 20 minutes (Based on CASIO data)
128.5 (W)×60.9 (H)×16.3 (D)mm (CIPA Standards)
Approx. 149g (Including Battery and Memory Card*) /Approx. 128g (Excluding Memory Card)
(CIPA Standards)
* When using SanDisk Corporation 16GB microSDHC Memory Card.
Bundled Accessories
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery (NP-150), USB-AC Adapter, AC Power Cord, Micro USB Cable, Basic reference

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