Cheftopf Granoble 28cm Fry Pan (Non-Induction Base)
Cheftopf Granoble 28cm Fry Pan (Non-Induction Base) 
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Product Description

Cheftopf Granable Coating by GLASSLOCK

ChefTopf Practi Frying Pan Set boasts the formidable granoble coating – made from natural materials such as granite, the 6 layers are guaranteed to last for ages.

Sturdy and comfortable handles

The bakelite handle allows you to get a good grip of the fry pan while you’re cooking. The sturdy fry pan handles are made for easy omelette tossing, vegetable shaking and bacon turning.

  • Non stick and durable resistant
  • Fast Heating
  • Volume Dot Method
  • Made in KOREA

Dimension: 50.5 X 29 X 6 cm
Weight: 1.5kg
Use on: Gas and ceramic only ** CAN NOT use with induction cooker **

Use and Care
1. Pre-heat over low heat when cooking, and avoid heating an empty pan for a long time.
2. Be careful not to get burned, since the pan will be very hot during and immediately after heating.
3. It is advisable to use wooden cooking utensils, rather than metal, when turning or lifting food.
4. Use low or medium heat only, if possible, to prevent the flame from touching the handle area.
5. It is advisable to allow the pan to gradually cool down before washing. Note that the pan might be damaged if t is immersed in water while still hot.
6. Use a soft sponge or cloth to clean it, rather than harsh metal pads or steel wool.
7. The life-expectancy of your pans can be extended if one pan is allotted for each purpose, such as keeping one pan exclusively for stir-frying, one for deep-frying, and so on, rather than using a single pan for multiple purposes.
8. Noted that the pan is for cooking, not for food storage, and that storing food in your pan may result in corrosion.
9. If the screw attaching the handle to the pan becomes loose, tighten with a screwdriver.
10. When the pan is filled with hot food, it is dangerous to move it around.
11. Keep pan out of children's reach when storing or using.
** DO NOT use metal and sharp utensils and abrasive scrub pads **

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