Emma (25K彩圖經典文學改寫+1 MP3)
Emma (25K彩圖經典文學改寫+1 MP3) 
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Author: Jane Austen/原著,Elspeth Rawstron/改寫
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作者:Jane Austen/原著,Elspeth Rawstron/改寫






Jane Austen began writing Emma in January 1814 and she finished it in March 1815. Emma was then published in December 1815 by John Murray, who also published the works of the poet Lord Byron. The novel was published in three volumes.

Jane Austen famously advised her niece that, three or four families in a country village are the perfect subject for a novel, and this is exactly what she wrote about. Emma is set in the small village of Highbury in the south of England, and it follows the relationships of a small group of people in the village: Emma and Mr Knightley, Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax and their friends and families.

At that time, a young woman’s aim was to marry as well as she could. The main character, Emma, decides not to marry. This is unusual. It’s a woman’s duty to marry. But because Emma is rich, she doesn’t have to marry.

The moral theme in Emma, is that there is a social order. If the characters break the rules of their society, the result is illness or unhappiness. People must be honest about their relationships. If they are not, they’ll be unhappy. To be happy you must fit into the community you live in, and you must be polite and kind to everybody in that community.

We’re told in the novel that true love and a good marriage can only happen if you choose someone of an equal position in society, equal education and equal good looks.

Emma thinks that several of the characters are in love with each other, but she is always wrong. She relies on her imagination. She sees love as it is in the romantic novels of the time, which Jane Austen disliked.

【Helbling文學讀本(Helbling Readers)簡介】

● Helbling Classics(經典英文文學改寫)

● Helbling Fiction(當代原創英文小說)


GEPT英檢 TOEIC多益 TOEFL iBT托福 IELTS雅思 中級 550 57-86 4.5




1. About the Author(作者簡介):介紹作者,幫助認識創作背景。

2.About the Book(本書簡介):介紹故事內容概要,幫助了解故事的背景與旨意。

3.Before Reading(閱前活動):設計各種問題和活動,幫助暖身,啟發各種探討與學習。

4.After Reading(閱後練習):設計各種深入的問題和題目練習,幫助復習內容,加深英語的學習印象。




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