Ecovacs WINBOT 950 Window Cleaning Robot - W950
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Ecovacs WINBOT 950 Window Cleaning Robot - W950 
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Product Description

The New Era of Window-Cleaning
WINBOT 950 is the new superlative in window-cleaning. With a SMART DRIVE cleaning system and the ability to maneuvre into corners, you'll find that WINBOT 950 is the perfect window cleaning companion, keeping you safe and off that ladder. 
  • Advanced technologies for an effective window cleaning
  • Capable of cleaning various kinds of windows
  • Cleaning thoroughly, cleaning safely

                          The New Era of




























     Advanced technologies
     for an effective
     window cleaning
        With a host of advanced window-cleaning and SMART DRIVE
        technologies, WINBOT 950 can clean automatically, effectively
        and thoroughly, freeing your hands from tedious chores.
        Thanks to a square body and SMART DRIVE technology,
        cleaning corners and edges poses no problem.
     SMART DRIVE for a
     highly efficient clean
         WINBOT 950 adopts proprietary SMART DRIVE system, which
         allows the handle of WINBOT 950 to rotate 90 degrees, leaving
         the cleaning pad stationary. Thus, WINBOT 950 can move freely
         on the window, choosing the most efficient cleaning path.
         This greatly improves cleaning effectiveness and coverage!



























     4-stage cleaning
     system for effortlessly
     cleaning windows
         Using a thorough 4-stage cleaning system, WINBOT 950 squeegees
         and wipes in every direction. This helps to fully contain the cleaning
         solution and leave the windows streak-free and sparkling.
     Capable of cleaning
     various kinds of
         WINBOT 950 has innovative features and advanced technology
         to quickly deliver sparkling clean windows at the touch of a button.
         The amazing reach of its cord and 4-stage cleaning process means
         that it quietly cleans many types of windows.














     5m of reach to go
     places you can't
         Thanks to the 5m (16ft) extension cord and safety cable, WINBOT
         950 can clean all but the largest of windows. Your safety is
         paramount, so sit back and let WINBOT do the windows.
























     Loves various types of
         WINBOT 950 automatically cleans framed or frameless windows,
         sliding glass doors, shower stalls, glass railings and more, inside
         or outside. A 4-side wrap-around bumper is used to identify obstacles
         and window frames while edge detection sensors enable WINBOT
         to work on frameless windows.














     Cleaning thoroughly,
     cleaning safely
        With a suite of safety features all operating in unison, you need
        not worry about a thing. Every concern has been addressed,
        so that WINBOT 950 comes equipped with back-up battery power, 
        a safety pod and tether, edge detection technology and a powerful fan.
Continuous power for constant
If WINBOT's main power supply is interrupted, the robot features an
on-board back-up battery that takes over until the problem can be resolved.
A falling failsafe system
Even though it is very unlikely that WINBOT 950 will fall off a window,
it is still equipped with a safety suction pod and tether, which are
more than capable of preventing a fall, even if WINBOT detaches
from the glass. Another reason for you to not worry.
Knows its limits,
keeps cleaning safe
Edge detection technology is standard in WINBOT, so no matter
whether the glass it is cleaning is framed or frameless, it automatically
knows how to avoid going over any edges. This is especially useful
for mirrors and glass balustrade.
Powerful suction fan for a
thorough clean
The advanced suction fan of WINBOT serves two purposes - the main
one is the safe attachment of WINBOT 950 to the glass. In addition,
the more powerful suction means a firmer wipe of the cleaning cloths,
and thus a better clean for your windows.
         Handy remote control
               With a handy remote control, WINBOT can be operated and
               controlled from anywhere. Start, stop, pause or change direction
               at the push of a button, depending on your needs.













Finishes where it starts for
easy retrieval
WINBOT knows when it has finished cleaning and returns to the
exact place it began for your comfort (and safe retrieval), where it can
be held and removed from the glass.
Never miss a message with
audio and visual warnings
When WINBOT 950 needs to communicate, it uses both visual and
audio warnings to get your attention and tell you what the matter is.
This means you can look away and do other things while your windows
are being made to sparkle.
     Quiet Cleaning
        WINBOT cleans at a noise level lower than most vacuum cleaners
        so you can continue what you were doing largely uninterrupted.














Award Winning Robotics
As the recipient of multiple international design awards, you can be assured of the quality and excellence of your WINBOT. iF Industrie
Forum Design 2016; Red Dot Award 2016; Gold Innovation Award of Houseware Executive; Innovation Award Winner of International
Home + Houseware Show2013; International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards 2014.









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Question and Answer on Ecovacs WINBOT 950 Window Cleaning Robot - W950 

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Product Specification

Smart Functions
Smart Drive System YES
Four Stage Cleaning System YES
Frameless Glass Identification YES
Memorizes Cleaning Path YES
Power-off protection YES
Auto returns to starting point YES
Alarm YES
Cleaning Path Options AUTO 
Application Range Framed  frameless  Frosted  Filmed glass  glass with decals  colored glass 
Machine weight(kg 2.3
Noise(db) 64dB(A)  
Crossing the gap of the joint glass Max Width 6mm Max Depth 8mm  
Mop size 272mm*272mm
Minimum window size(cm) 45*45  
Max cleaning height (m) 5
Working time (min) Unlimited  
Power cord (m) 1.2  
Safety Rope(m) 1.5  
Extension cord(m) 1.5  
Cleaning solution(ml) 100 

Customer Reviews on Ecovacs WINBOT 950 Window Cleaning Robot - W950 

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