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Flipper 2P Toothfairy Oh! and Yeah! Toothbrush Holder
Flipper 2P Toothfairy Oh! and Yeah! Toothbrush Holder (2 pcs set) 
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Product Description

2P Basic Oh! and Yeah! Toothbrush Holder


Size (L x W x H)  5 x 6 x 9 cm
Uses & Properties  Open & close automatically
Fits Almost Every Toothbrush
Can Converts into a Travel Case
Air Vent
Come with suction cups

Ambassadors of Oral Hygiene

Say a bis "HELLO!" to the Flipper ToothFairy series!

With the iconic tooth shape, ToothFairies are the world ambassadors for fresh breaths and clean teeth. Ever vigilant and watchful, they give effective, round-the-clock shielding and protection to toothbrushes against germs, airborne bacteria and dirt.

And they do it in style! ToothFairies come as 12 dashing designs: each a catchy character with its own vivid colors and quirky expressions. Loved by kids and adored by adults, they are a fun and yet practical addition to the bathroom.

ToothFairies are one of the great, effective ways parents can bring fun into brushing. With the captivating designs, the daily brushing rituals are sure to be livelier and more cheerful, making it that much easier for kids to learn and develop good oral hygiene habits.

Bringing FUN into Brushing

Today, more than 25% of children under 5 sport untreated tooth decays. Often, these lead to cavities. To counter this, children need to inculcate good oral hygiene habits from young. In fact, Man Wai Ng — the Dentist-in-Chief for the Children's Hospital Boston — advises parents to encourage their toddlers to start brushing independently.

However, for many young children, brushing their teeth can be a boring or even downright frustrating routine. After all, diligence and discipline are not the typical hallmarks of your average tot. Upon seeing the child's resistance, some parents may in turn attempt to 'force it down'. Eventually, the washbasin becomes a dragged out battleground in a mutual test of patience.

Why not try a paradigm shift? Introduce an element of casual play into the brushing routine. Be light-hearted about it. Make it engaging. Make it an adventure. Make it FUN! Not sure how? No worries, here are some ideas to get you going!

1. Fun Tooth Fairies Video

Watch this animation while brushing, and sing along! The on-screen tooth fairies will go through the joy and importance of brushing teeth in a fun and light-hearted manner.

2.  Brush with your child

Brushing your teeth together with your child can be a great bonding time. Grab your toothbrush, stand beside your child in front of the mirror- Encourage (or challenge!) your child to follow and mimic your movements exactly, as you go through the brushing techniques.

3. Count as you brush

As you brush each tooth, count aloud- For example, "Number one, all clear!" "Tooth number two, done! Here we go for tooth number threeeeeeee!" This can even be an entertaining way for your child to learn the numbers and practice counting.

4. Sing-'Aaahh-long'-song!

As you brush your child's teeth, encourage him/her to go "Aaahh""'"'''' for as long as he can, varying the pitch, tone and rhythm into a tune. A typical song is just about 2-3 minutes long: just about the right timing for a thorough brush.

5. Together with Tooth fairies!

There are a variety of toothbrushes, toothpastes and other products that comes with cartoon characters. These favorite characters can then become the Tooth Fairies' in the bathroom, keeping your child's attention and turn the routines from work to play.

Why Flipper?

Benefit of Flipper

While the bathroom is a place for us to freshen up, it is also a humid environment conducive for bacteria growth. Every time we flush, droplets of contaminated water drift into the air, along with germs that can cause diseases like gingivitis. However, many people simply leave their toothbrushes around in the bathroom, rendering them exposed and vulnerable.
Flipper helps to protect your toothbrush from these invisible menaces. It is an innovative design that protects your toothbrush within an enclosure while still being very intuitive to use. Here are Flipper's benefits:

How It Works : Open and Close in One Touch

Flipper is a truly unique product whose heart lies in the mechanism: an ingenious design that allows Flipper to open . close automatically in response to the toothbrush. It is this clever design that sets Flipper apart from other toothbrush holders in the market: using the Flipper is completely intuitive and convenient, as it opens . closes automatically in response to the tug . push of the toothbrush.

Flipper Care: 100% Cleanable

After brushing, be sure to wash your toothbrush thoroughly to remove any remaining toothpaste or food particles. Rinse it clean with water, and give it a little flick to dry your toothbrush. Then simply place your toothbrush in Flipper. Flipper is 100% cleanable - you can disassemble it to give it a good bath every month.

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