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Gigo Future Car - 7392

Gigo Future Car - 7392 
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Product Description

The modern car industry is undergoing a big revolution. Never have so many car companies taken serious steps to embrace new technologies: technologies that make  cars run on alternative energy sources, technologies that aim to improve the safety while driving, technologies that enable cars to run autonomously by computerized navigation systems; just name a few.

Cars in the future will be able to take us from the origin to the destination without human interactions with the machine, eliminating human errors and thus increasing safety. The routes taken by future cars will be optimized by real-time traffic information so that energy and time efficiencies are always ensured. With the advent of Augmented Reality (A.R.) technologies, future drivers can easily access rich information to improve the quality of their decision-making.

Gigo has created a remote control future car that you can steer from your iPad or your iPhone. Simply by swiping your fingers on the touch screen, you are able to navigate the car in any direction you want. Through the screen of the iPad or iPhone, you will see your Future Car, driving not only on the floor of the room, but exploring in a vivid cityscape generated by our Augmented Reality technology. You can navigate from street to street and even look at the realistic scenery from almost any angle you may want.

Features :

  • 8 models can be assembled.
  • Use smart devices to play and to learn the programming skill.
  • Combining AR technology and toys. Players can drive in virtual AR cities. The virtual world is displayed instantaneously.
  • Players can set the in-game traffic rules to increase the level of competition.
Age 8+
Experiments 8 to build
Component 219 pcs
Dimension (mm) 327 x 93 x 482
Weight (kg) 1.7

Award :

2013 Top 10 Toys of The Future Today

This vehicle is quite simple. The front and back wheels are controlled remotely via your tablet so it manoeuvres about the floor like a tank. Look at the augmented view on the tablet, however, and you see the whole city of virtual 3D buildings to negotiate, complete with working traffic lights. The cards you scatter on the floor are printed with AR Marker, which are read by the tablet’ s camera and interpreted as the buildings they represent.

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