Goluk T1 Smart Dashcam [Free 32GB microSD Card]
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Goluk T1 Smart Dashcam FREE 32GB microSD Card 
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Package Includes:

1. Goluk T1 Dash Camera X1
2. Docking station X1
3. Wireless remote/MagicKey X1
4. Vehicle power adapter X1
5. USB Power cable 4 Meters X1
6. Card buckle X8
7. 3M adhesive mount X3
8. User Manual

Product Description

When Practicality Meets Beauty


Choice for The Perfectionist That Loves to Have Fun

Goluk T1 Smart Dashcam

Co-Developed with Ambarella, tha world leader in high resolution video technology

The Perfect Light


There's more t just the present At the end of the night, there is the morning light

A Glimpse of Perfection


How to make her wander poetically And listen to the monologues in her heart

Inspired Creation


Concepts only come true when inspiration is combined with intelligence to make driving safer and more fun. Goluk T1 makes every shot more brilliant, gives every scene a story and present every user with perfection.

Images so good that you can see the Stars


The Aptina full HD sensor can capture images at 2.1 megapixels. With HDR, every detail is visible even in low-light condition.

A New Era of Aesthertically Pleasing Dashcams


What's not to love about this lipstick-sized device?

It's the smallest smart dashcam. Lightweight but fierce, it is the perfect balance of practicality and design.

State of the Art Image Processing Unit


Goluk worked with Ambarella, the world leader in HD video technology to create the great Goluk T1, which is based on the cutting edge image processing unit S2LM. It creates perfectly fluid videos with its raw power and the prcessing capacity of a professional sports camera.

The Light and shadows are so amazing, it's like opening Pandora's Box


1080P Full HD has home theater-level details; the f/2.0 aperture adjusts brightness and cprrects distortion automatically. Goluk 2.0 | Glaze technology introduces smart noisereduction and increased vividness. HD fog and camera shake reduction persents the most realistic picture.

Safe Distance Alert


When you're travelling too close to the car in front if the dashcam detects an accident might happen within the next 2.7 seconds, the Goluk T1 will sound an alarm to remind you to keep a safe distance t reduce the chance of a collision.

Capture Everything with MagicKey


It's amazing and nothing can compare! wireless remote and MagicKey will take a 12-second video with just one tap, so you won't miss any amazing moments.

Tap to share to frineds

We make it simple so you can enjoy life


The camera attached to the Goluk T1 can be managed by the mobile app. Open the Goluk App to view videos taken by the dashcam at any time, and share to Weibo, WeChat or other platforms with the tap of a finger. You can personalize the video even further with articstic filters and funny captions.

  • Mobile Phone Link: Synchronize videos to your phone without using data. Play and download videos without removing your storage card.
  • Socal Sharing: Add articstic filters and a caption, share to social networks with the tap of a finger.
  • Real Time Stream: Start a streem at any time; generate a link and share to social networks. Become a traveler that shares everything.
  • Video Community: A great dashcam video sharing community that has the latest and most interesting clips, because there is always a master creating great videos.
  • Firmware Upgrade: There is no need to use the dashcam, as the Goluk App will take care of the upgrade process automatically.
  • Tap and Shoot: Other than MagicKey, the Goluk App provides a button to capture videos.

Choice for The Perfectionist That Loves to Have Fun


When Practicality Meets Beauty

Goluk T1 Smart Dashcam Camera

Co-Developed with Ambarella the world leader in high resolution video techonolgy


  • Free battery is A-grade Li-ion battery
  • Capacity 1200mAh
  • USB Output 5V/1A
  • Operating Temperatures -20º -50º

Accessories Pack (For Outdoor Action Video Sharing)**
**Optional Purchase, Click here


Infinite Possibilities with More Accessories Enjoy a wonderful journey, shoot while on the go

We created more possibilities for the dashcam.

The T1 Smart Dock has enough battery for your dashcam to shoot a 90-minute movie by simply plugging it in.

Whether you're on a bicycle or a motorcycle, skiin or surfing, you are not bound by wires as the T1 turns every envirnment into your background

See the world from a whole new perspective!


Enjoy shooting your all-in-one dashcam-turned-outdoor camera.

Expand "Playability" Infinitely

Enjoy an amzing journey: shooting while having fun!


We are exploring many other uses of our Dashboard Camera. The plug-and-play Goluk Smart Docking Station (Optional Purchase) will keep the battery going, and along with the MagicKey Wristband, fantastic moments can be captured anytime, anywhere.

With a Goluk Outdoor Camera Set(Optional Purchase), you can shoot a 90-minute travel moive at eae wherther you are cycling or on a motorcycle, or even skiing and surfing. Cables are no longer a concern, and setting could become a wonderfull journey.

Sufficient Power


Comes with a high-power battery so you can fully outdoor acivities without constraints!

A high-power battery will be provided for free upon purchasing our Smart Docking Station.

Our quality A-grade lithium batteries give long battery life with short recharging time. Providing stable and effective power, they act as an energetic 'heart' during outdoor shooting so you won't miss any exciting moments.

  • 1200mAh Long Life Battery
  • 3 Years Battery Lifespan
  • 2 Hours Quick charge
  • 90 minutes Long Battery Life

Multilayer Protection

Making your outdoor videos smoother, steadier and last longer.


An advanced intelligent protective chip brings 6 levels of accurate multiplex circute protection. Safety of the device is comprehensively enhanced; the current is effectively stabilized, ensuring efficient charge and discharge. With an 80% energy conversion rate, Goluk Smart Dashboard Camera is equipped with great recharging capabilities.

Easily Expanded

Extremely easy to use, infinitely expandable


Our Smart Docking Station can be easily attached to the Goluk Dashboard Camera. It also has a 1/4 thread connector that can be found on most mainstream sports cameras. so you can attach just about any accessory and enjoy shooting regardless of hand-held or mounted.

Details and quality


Smart Docking Station

  • Uses SMT lead-free techonolgy
  • The carefully crafted curve exhibit the beauty of simplicity
  • The slight elevated on/off button shall guide your fingertips with perfect comfort, providing the best user experience.

MagicKey Wristband

  • Made with top-tier nylon that strikes a balance between comfort and flexbility, relieves pressure and tightness on the wrist
  • Buckles and other fastening parts are made with Dow Coming TPSiV, which is very strong, can withstand high temperatures, and gives the accessory a unique aesthetic touch.
  • The wristband is tightened by velcro, which is also very strong and dependable.


Those exciting, memorable and fun moments, It will be a memorable journey worth being recorded in your spectacular life.

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GPU Ambarella S2LM professional Graphic Processing Unit
image Sensor Aptina 1/2.7 Ultra HD CMOS Sensor
Sensor 3-Axis Accelerometer
Lens 6 Glass Lens and 1 Infrared Filter
Aperture f2.0
Angle 152°
Audio Iutput High-sensitivity Silicon Microphone
Power Input 5V 1A
Storage Micro SD(TF) Card Supports up to 128GB of Expansion Memory
Charging Cable Hight-quality 4-meter Charging Cable
Video Output Dual-stream: Main Stream outputs
1080p Dash Cam Videos
Sub Stream for Video Sharing

Customer Reviews on Goluk T1 Smart Dashcam FREE 32GB microSD Card 

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