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Grow N Up Qwikflip Easel-To-Desk - BBGNU5056
Grow N Up Qwikflip Easel-To-Desk - BBGNU5056 
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Product Description

  • Qwikflip™ from easel to desk
  • 3-in-1: Dry-Erase, chalk & painting surfaces
  • Double sided easel
  • Includes: 2 Pen holders, 1 Crayola® Eraser, 1 Stool


  • Weight: 4kg
  • Retail Box Dimension: 17.8"L x 6.9"W x 21.8"H
  • Product Dimension (Easel): 17.7"W x 20.4"D x 39"H
  • Product Dimension (Desk): 17.7"W x 21.5"D x 28.5"H
  • Product Dimension (Stool): 11.7W x 11.7"D x 10.3"H

Part List

A - Drawing board (1 pcs)
B - Side panel (2 pcs)
C - Front leg (L/R) (2 pcs)
D - Back leg (L/R) (2 pcs)
E - Tray (1 pcs)
F - Bottom panel (2 pcs)
G - Cup holder (2 pcs)
H - Cup (2 pcs)
I - Stool top (1 pcs)
J - Stool leg (4 pcs)
K - Eraser (1 pcs)
L - Anti-slip rubber pad (4 pcs)

Assembly Instructions

  • Adult assembly required. No tools required.
  • This item must be used on level ground. DO NOT use on an uneven surface.
  • Requires an adult to flip the easel board to the preferred surface (Dry-Erase/Chalkboard). Check that the lower pegs of the drawing board are securely slotted in the preferred position before allowing the child to use the item.
  • Maximum weight limit for stool is 50 lbs (23 kg). Limit one (1) child.
  • Adult supervision advised when item is in use.
  • Paper roll holder fits 12 in. (width) by 100 ft. (length) roll paper (Paper roll not included). Place the paper roll at the middle of tray. Pull and feed the paper to the top feeder of drawing board.

  1. Place the 4 legs (C & D) to the side panels (B) by matching the markings L & R. Make sure all legs are tapped securely in place.
  2. Place tray (E) on a flat surface with the underside facing up. Hold the bottom panel (F) with the Crayola oval logo facing outside, snap the pegs into the slotted holes as shown. Repeat this procedure on the other side.
  3. Set the bottom assembled in step 1 & 2 together by aligning holes to the side panels. DO NOT lock the easel yet.
  4. Turn assembled easel upright. Gently push the tray and bottom panels downward until pegs are snapped into the slotted holes to lock both side panels into position.
  5. Slightly tilt the drawing board at its sideway, match and insert the pivot into the grid of the side panel until it is fitted into the center point. Now, rest the opposite pivot to the other side.
  6. Use both hands to pull up the drawing board as shown to lock the pivots into the easel position. Then, rotate the board upright until the easel pegs are snapped in the upper slots. The drawing board can be adjusted upright or tilted as desired.
  7. Insert the cup holders (G) into the side panels, then push downward to lock them securely in place. Place the cups (H) into the cup holders.
  8. Stick the anti-slip rubber pads (L) to the bottom of the legs.
  9. Place the 4 stool legs (J) to the underside of the stool top (I). Press them firmly downward until all edges are flush.
  10. To convert easel to an activity desk: Choose the preferred surface (Dry-Erase or Chalkboard), facing it upwards, fold down the drawing panel and use both hands press upper end to lose the pivots from the easel points to the center points until the board lays flat. Now, push the board throughout the pivot track horizontally and lock it securely in place. Picture shows the final assembled product. To reverse from desk to an easel position, return the pivot to the center point. Then repeat procedure 6.

Safety and Maintenance

  1. Make sure that all the pegs are securely snapped together before use.
  2. Please check the unit regularly for any worn out parts, minor or moderate injury may result if the parts are not properly and securely assembled. If the stool parts are not snapped properly in place, it poses a hazard of collapsing and/or causing a fall.

Care Instructions

  • Recommended for INDOOR use only. Any attempt to use outdoors may result in excessive sun and/or moisture damage.
  • DO NOT use any sprays or cleaners on the board, as this may cause damage.
  • DO NOT use sharp or pointed objects on writing surface as this will cause permanent damage.
  • Use a slightly dampened cloth, sponge or paper towel to remove excess chalk residue.

Whiteboard (Dry-Erase)

  • Completely erase the dry-erase surface before storing it for an extended period of time.
  • It is recommended that you use Crayola® Dry-Erase Markers purchase on a small area of the board, prior to allowing the child to play with the board. Do not use Washable Markers or Permanent Markers. For best results, use only Crayola® Low Odor, Non-Toxic Dry-Erase Markers.


  • Chalkboard must be treated/seasoned prior to use. To season: Hold Crayola® Anti-Dust® or school chalk on the flat side (not the point side) and using broad flat strokes, coat the board both horizontally then vertically, making sure to cover the entire board surface. Wipe off the chalk with a slightly damp sponge (or paper towel).
  • Crayola® Anti-Dust® or school chalk (calcium carbonate based) is recommended for use on the halkboard surface. DO NOT use Crayola® Sidewalk Chalk or other “street chalk” as it contains abrasives that will damage the board.

Choking Hazard
- Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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