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A New Eco & Healthy Lifestyle

All Husk's ware products are made from rice husks, an eco-friendly, biodegradable and green material that is safe and does not contain any harmful substances. Conserving the earth in spite of today’s modernization is no easy feat but it can be done. if more people play their part in reducing wastages and give a new lease of life to items which may otherwise be thrown away. Rice husk is an agricultural waste. Annually, the world's rice production is approximately 500 million tons. Of this, the ratio of rice husk to rice is approximately 1:4, which is equivalent to about 125 million tons of rice husks produced each year.


Heat & Freezer Safe


Anti Bacteria BPA Free Non Toxic Biodegradable Husk Fibre Tree Free

Simple, natural and healthful plate for multi-purpose

Why Use Rice Husks

Plastic takes up to a thousand years to biodegrade in natural environment. Imagine our landfills where plastic bottles are left to biodegrade naturally. Poisonous toxins and particles will also be released into the ground over time.

By switching to natural plant materials like rice husks, this material can be turned into natural compost after just almost 90+- days and certified by DIN (German Institute for Standardisation). Producing product out of the natural plant resources also uses up to 70% less CO2 to produce than conventional plastic.

Material/Index  Heavy Metal Plasticizer Formaldehyde Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe
Ceramic Yes No No Yes Yes
Melanine No Yes Yes No Yes
Stainless Steel Yes No No No Yes
Glass Yes No No No No
Plastic No Yes Yes No Yes
Wood No No Yes No No
Bamboo No  No Yes No No
Husk's Ware No No No Yes (3 min) Yes

Sustainable Living with Rice Husks

Revives Waste

Instead of disposing rice husks as agricultural waste, the husks are revived into an entirely new product; thus giving it a new lease of life on this planet as natural-material dining ware.

Reduces Pollution

Burning of agricultural waste releases harmful substances such as sulfur dioxide, silicon dioxide and inhalable particles into the air we breathe and contributes to the global warming effect. The smog as a result of husk-burning also decreases air visibility which has adverse impact on road traffic and aviation safety. Reviving husks into new products reduces this burden imposed onto the planet.


Once used, plastic food containers or food boxes will be thrown away and end up in landfills. These materials take between hundreds to thousand years to biodegrade in the natural environment. Husk’sWare products are durable and can be reused for years. As the material contains 80% husks and 20% starch, it is easily biodegraded when it ends up in landfills after completing its lifecycle.

Conserve Our Valuable Natural Resources

By repurposing agricultural waste into new resources, it helps to conserve our natural resources such as oil, metal, wood and water.

Creates New Demand

Products made from agricultural waste create new demands for more biodegradable and toxic-free products which, in turn, help our economy.


Is a organization based in Sweden, and has opened testing on 142 countries in the world, certifying, testing and endorsing, a worldwide acknowledgement of quality and trust.

Is employed to make certain plastics and epoxy resins. BPA can cause hormonal unbalance, threatening the health of babies and children. Fatness caused by cancer and metabolism fluctuations are also related to BPA.

ND: Does not contain any. The test can be passed if there are only trace amounts found, Husk’sware does not contain any at all.



Is the leading European testing organization for technical, safety and certification, an internationally recognized standard, and has branches in over 30 countries in the world.

ND: Does not contain any. The test can be passed if quantity is less than 0.1, but Husk’sWare does not contain any at all.

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