Hypergear Duffel Bag 40 Liter - 30403
Hypergear Duffel Bag 40 Liter - 30403 
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Product Description

Adventure back pack with a seamless roll-top design compartment that suitable for usage of outdoor activities such as swimming, diving, jungle trekking, hiking, cycling, kayak and any other water sports. It provides waterproof to your belongings as well as it floats on water to avoid lost.


  • Suitable for outdoor activities
  • 100% Waterproof for seamless roll-top design compartment
  • Floats safely if dropped in water.
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to store
  • Multipurpose storage application
  • Heavy duty and durable materials for rough usage
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Top carry handle
Waterproof Rating
Additional Information:
Waterproof Store Rating System

Everyone seems to have their own definition of what constitutes "waterproof.” For that reason, this rating system was created to present you with a simple way to compare the level of water-tightness across products and manufacturers. After all, a rain-coat can be waterproof, right? But will it keep you dry if you jump in a lake? Originally developed by ROC Gear, Inc. for use at The Waterproof Store, but quickly becoming the accepted standard for all types of waterproof containers (cases, bags, backpacks, etc.) These ratings in no way constitute a guarantee from ROC Gear, but rather offers the consumer a way to quickly and easily understand the level of water-tightness among various products from various manufacturers, and present them all together on one common sliding scale... class 1 being the least waterproof, and class 5 being the greatest. The official Waterproof Store Rating System classes are defined as follows:

Class 1 – Water resistant for light rain or light splash applications.

The product could be permeated by water in any of the following situations: prolonged water exposure, heavy top-down watering, forceful water pressure applications, or submersion.

Class 2 – Waterproof in top-down watering applications.

The product could be permeated by water in any of the following applications: forceful water pressure, water injected from odd angles, or submersion.

Class 3 – Waterproof so tight it floats or can handle quick submersions.

The product could be permeated by water in any of the following applications: prolonged submersion, submersions greater than 3 feet in depth, high water pressure applications. 

Class 4 – Waterproof and submersible to at least 3 feet, but no more than 12 feet

(maximum depth varies by manufacturer). This is the first class we refer to as truly submersible. Suitable for underwater sports such as swimming and snorkeling, where great depths are not common. The product could be permeated by water in any of the following applications: submersion greater than manufacturers recommended depth rating, constant submersion longer than 24 hours, extremely high water pressure applications where seals could be damaged.

Class 5 – Waterproof and submersible to depths greater than 12 feet

(often as much as 100 feet – but varies by product and manufacturer). Suitable for any underwater sport of less depth than the manufacturer’s maximum depth rating. Common applications include scuba diving, snorkeling, search & rescue, and white water rafting. The product could be permeated by water in any of the following applications: depths greater than the manufacturer’s maximum depth rating or any physical force that could jeopardize the water-tight seal.


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