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IR KoreaDeco Plant Series - Tree & Bicycle (50cmx70cm)
IR KoreaDeco Plant Series - Tree & Bicycle (50cmx70cm) 
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Product Description

IR koreadeco make your house more stylist!

Why our wall stickers are so special?

■     Washable
■     Colourfast
■     Self Adhesive
■     totally Removable
■     water, heat and steam resistant
■     Leaves No Sticky Residue after Removed

Why shall I choose these wall stickers to decorate my house?

■     Instant Change-Designer looks without Residue.
■     Great Cover-up for Damaged Surfaces
■     Decorate your house hassle free.
■     Cost saving method.

Where can I apply the wall sticker?

■     Living room, Bedroom, Dining room, windows, sliding door,
       glass, Mirror, Entrance wall, wooden doors, Entrance Lobby
■     Furniture (wardrobe, Kitchen cabinet), refrigerator, washing
       machine, Air-Conditioner, Books cabinet 
■     Bathroom (Shower, Bathtub, Sinks, Toilets(outside & lid), Tile,
       Lamps, Doors
■     Great Cover-up for Small Holes & Scratches

How can I stick the wall sticker?

 1. After you decide where you paste, clean the
    surface. Make sure that there's not any dust,
    dirt, oil, water, stain, etc.

    Warning: If the wall isn't enough smooth, the
                  sticker may come off.

 2. Detach the transfer from the sheet one at a time.

 3. Position them as you designed.

 4. Using soft cloth or plastic card rub them. Firstly. put
    it on the center of each image and secondly. slowly
    and carefully push outward. If these decals are
    basically unremoved. But if the transers are too big
    or there is the need of changing the location, very
    carefully and slowly lift the films. Becareful not to
    be extended, distorted or torn. Some paint or wall
    papers may come off on the state of the surface.

 * The colour might be slightly different depending on your screen lightness.

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Q & A: IR KoreaDeco Plant Series - Tree & Bicycle (50cmx70cm)   
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