JJC Ultra-thin LCD Optical Glass Protector for Fujifilm - GSP-X100T
JJC Ultra-thin LCD Optical Glass Protector for Fujifilm - GSP-X100T 
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Product Description




  • Removable backing protects the optical glass effectively.
  • The anti-smudge Nano coating makes the surface against water, oil and fingerprints.
  • The anti-reflection Nano coating prevents reflected light in the sunlight irritating your eyes.
  • Optical toughened glass prevents itself and the LCD screen from being scratched.
  • Explosion-proof film prevents crack effectively when it is installed on the LCD screen.
  • Its static adhesion method leaves no sticky residue behind on your screen.

Product Presentation

Custom Designed


JJC GSP-X100T is custom tailored for FUJIFILM X100T to fit the LCD perfectly.



Although the GSP protector has multiple layers of protective materials, it is ultra-thin, and its thickness is mere 0.01" (0.3mm). Designed with 2.5D round edges, the protector provides a very comfortable and smooth surface to grip, helping prevent the edges from scratching your fingers during installation.

Hard Coat


JJC GSP Protector is made of optical glass, and its hardness is up to 9H, so it is scratch-resistant. Even scissors can't scratch the surface, thus it protects your LCD screen effectively.



The unique anti-smudge coating protects surface of JJC GSP glass protector out of grease, water and fingerprints, which makes your screen clean and clear.

High Transmittance


The anti-reflection Nano coating prevents reflected light on the screen, therefore it protects your eyes by giving you a better viewing in the sunlight.JJC GSP glass protector has high light transmittance up to 95% to show the image of the LCD screen clearly. While, with ordinary screen protectors, you can not enjoy such a clear image.

Free Gifts

Cleaning tools including wet wipe, microfiber cloth and dust-absorber are sent for free Thus you can make your LCD screen totally clean before installation.


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How to use

GSP-X100T(9) Use the wet wipe in the package to clean the LCD, then use the microfiber cloth to dry it.
GSP-X100T(10) Paste the dust absorber to LCD for 10 seconds, then remove it. Now the LCD is totally clean as a new one.
GSP-X100T(11) Remove the protective mask marked, and align GSP protector to the four corners of the LCD. Then gently  press the  center of GSP protector,  it  will automatically onto the screen. If GSP protector not totally adsorption, please gently press to drive the air.

If necessary wipe the dust and smudges left during installation from the glass protector with a cleaning cloth.

To ensure a perfect installation, please keep following tips in mind:

  • Make sure the LCD is totally clean before installation or it will cause bubbles.
  • Make sure the side with mask  is the side that attaches to the LCD, do not install the opposite side to LCD.
  • Do not press the center of the GSP before you align it well with the LCD.
  • You can gently adjust the position of the GSP protector in the installation to meet your needs.

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Question and Answer on JJC Ultra-thin LCD Optical Glass Protector for Fujifilm - GSP-X100T 

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Material Optical Glass
Thickness 0.3mm
Light Transmittance 95%
Scratch Resistance Index 9H
Size 68.2mm X 44.1mm
Compatible with Fujifilm X100T
Package Contents Glass Protector x 1
Wet Wipe x 1
Dust-Absorber x 1
Cleaning Cloth x 1

Customer Reviews on JJC Ultra-thin LCD Optical Glass Protector for Fujifilm - GSP-X100T 

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