Kangbin 5D Teeth Whitening Kit

Kangbin 5D Teeth Whitening Kit 
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Product Description


UK patented technology, it uses the new 5-dimension teeth whitening concept. High concentration in reactive oxygen, it requires only 20minutes for the whitening ingredient to reach the enamel tubules deep in inner teeth. Then, in the next 10minutes, the ingredients were activated and reach its full effect to whiten the teeth.

The whole process of teeth whitening treatment only requires 30minutes!

Kangbin 5D Teeth Whitening Strip: Strip uses the all-new “active-oxygenation brightening” formula, which is neutral on the tooth, targeting only the tough colored tooth stains. Upon contact with saliva, activated oxygen molecules are incessantly released deep into the tooth structure, effectively breaking down and eradicating the stubborn pigmented stains.


  1. Whitening Strip must apply on even surface to achieve the best results.
  2. Avoid consuming coffee, red wine, tea during teeth whitening treatment period. If not capable to follow, drinking straw is encouraged to avoid direct contact
  3. Be cautious to not stimulate the tooth gum: Stop using immediately if pain or swelling condition is happened.
  4. The aid of brushing during day and night: Brush your teeth for three minutes and above to ensure deep deansing.

Lovely Reminder

Try your best to dry off your teeth before applying the gel, as moisture will affect the effect of whitening. There are some customers who report to feel sourness on the teeth, it is normal for this to happen. Do not apply the gel on the gums. When doing the treatment please lie down. Some customers said that when applying the gel will have a lot of saliva, it is very normal. However, practice makes perfect, it will become easier when you get used to the technique of applying the gel.

Take note: It is best to lie down when using because to minimize contact of saliva on the whitening gel, which will dilute the whitening effects. After treatment rinse with clean warm water, and dry with paper towel or air-dry your teeth and be ready to enjoy the treatment again the next day.


One box of Kangbin 5D Teeth Whitening Strip contains


  • 7 pairs of KangBin 5D Teeth Whitening Strips
  • 7 pieces of VE (vitamin E) Cotton-picks
  • 1 Colorimetric card

How To Use

  • Rinse mouth with clean water.
  • Use red-lined side of the cotton-pick to dry of water on tooth surfaces.
  • Open the teeth whitening strip from the plastic packaging.
  • Apply firmly on upper jaw, then lower jaw.
  • Gently press on strip for better adhesion of strip onto tooth surface.
  • Remove strip 30 minutes later and rinse mouth with clean water.
  • Split open the red-lined surface, wait for VE liquid to flow to the opposite end of the cotton pick, then apply on tooth surface. Rinse mouth 2 minutes later.

Kangbin Validation


Kangbin 5D Teeth Whitening Strip certified by GMP.IS022716, EU CE, CPSR and International SGS.

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