Kangbin Nano Blue-Ray Teeth Whitening Kit
By Kangbin
Kangbin Nano Blue-Ray Teeth Whitening Kit 
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Product Description


Nano blue-ray teeth whitening advantages

  1. Low temperature and safe. Nano blue light teeth whitening is a new technology that is fast and safe for teeth whitening. The low temperature cold light causes no irritation to the tooth nerve. The traditional teeth bleaching technique causes allergies, while nano blue technology uses hydrogen peroxide, is absolutely safe and causes no allergy.
  2. It is fast. During the nano phototherapy, it requires only 16 minutes of treatment duration to solve your troubles, giving you an excellent whitening effect rapidly.
  3. Causes no pain, no irritation. The treatment does not produce heat. The use of hydrophilic ingredients desensitized the teeth, causing no irritation and pain during the procedure of teeth whitening.
  4. Deep layer decolourization. Not only the treatment remove the pigmentation on the tooth surface, it can reach deep into the inner tooth layer for decolourization effect.
  5. Harmless to teeth. The cold laser avoid stimulation on the tooth nerve. The whitening agents do not contact on the gums, is harmless to the teeth structure.

Set consists of

340239(2) 340239(3) 340239(4)

UK latest science technology, the Nano blue ray whitening technology.The country first breakthrough on using 16 nanometer high intensity blue light bridge. The invention was patented, with the photovoltaic range reaching 360 degrees, full catalytically effective on the whitening gel which is photosensitive, allowing whitening process to occur without leaving any gaps in between.

Power kit is able to automatically adjust the intensity of light and the duration. The traditional teeth whitening methods require 30minutes or more. Kangbin unique breakthrough on the technology, invented a whitening technology that only requires 16 minutes. This achievement greatly reduced the treatment duration, becoming the world's most effective breakthrough on teeth whitening system. 3 active oxygen gel was added into the unique whitening gel, when the gel was on the original oxide base gel, added with specially fluoridated compounds, it helps to seal the dentinal tubules, prompting the newborn of enamel. The result is a long lasting effect on the teeth foundation, not only whiten the teeth, but strengthen it, anti-caries, improve the enamel hardness, and form protective layers on the surface of teeth.
340239(5) 340239(6)
Introducing a new concept of toothpaste in liquid foam, it has strong penetration and sterilization on the gums and teeth without harming the human body. It can prevent and relieve tooth sensitivity. The specially added ingredients, HAP, is able to strengthen the teeth and improve health of the gums, resulting in a smoother and whiter teeth after the whitening treatment. Fashionable arc shape handy bag, is small and functional, able to keep all your teeth whitening gear. private and easy to carry! The bulky keeping box is too outdated to bring around!

Lovely Reminder

Try your best to dry off your teeth before applying the gel, as moisture will affect the effect of whitening. There are some customers who report to feel sourness on the teeth, it is normal for this to happen. Do not apply the gel on the gums. When doing the treatment please lie down. Some customers said that when applying the gel will have a lot of saliva, it is very normal. However, practice makes perfect, it will become easier when you get used to the technique of applying the gel.

Take note: It is best to lie down when using because to minimize contact of saliva on the whitening gel, which will dilute the whitening effects. After treatment rinse with clean warm water, and dry with paper towel or air-dry your teeth and be ready to enjoy the treatment again the next day.

How to Use

Kangbin Nano Blue-Ray Teeth Whitening Kit's Usage Directions:

  1. First, examine whether the equipment is alright and functional, whether the biting pad is in good condition.
  2. Brush your teeth before using (If Kangbin foaming toothpaste is finished, you can use your own toothpaste instead). Expose all your teeth and rub it with the teeth rubber to dry out the moisture on your teeth (paper towel can be used to replace teeth rubber when finished). After drying the teeth, gently apply a thin layer of the whitening gel on your teeth. Be careful to avoid applying on gums and lips.
  3. After applying the gel, hold the posture to put in the mouthpiece. Then turn on the power bank.
  4. Use it daily before sleep (can use it twice a day in the morning and at night if time available). Lie down and enjoy a 16minutes treatment of teeth whitening. When completion, take off the mouthpiece, and wipe off the whitening gel with paper towels. Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  5. After the treatment, do not eat food or drinks that contains colouring. If really thirsty, drink plain water.

Kangbin Validation


Kangbin Kangbin Nano Blue-ray Teeth Whitening Kit certified by GMP.IS022716, EU CE, CPSR and International SGS.

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