Ks Kids Jungle Take Along Playset - KA10744

Ks Kids Jungle Take Along Playset - KA10744 
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Product Description

Take Along Play Set - Jungle consists of a mini jungle playmat with 9 essential wild animals. Let's encourage your children to appreciate the nature and learn these amazing creatures!

  • Squeaker
  • Crinkle
  • Rattle

Elephant: 4 (W) x 8.5 (H) x 9 (D)cm

Mat: 37 (W) x 50 (H)cm

Age: 6m++



The fundamental senses of seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling & feeling encourage a child's curiosity.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are those smaller actions between the thumb and fingers or using the toes to wriggle and feel the objects.

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are larger movements involving the arm, leg, or feet muscles or the entire body.

Logical Intelligence

Logical training enables babies to make connections between pieces of information.

Creative Intelligence

Colors, shapes, learning how to draw, getting familiar with music and rhythm, all goes to aid the growth of a child's creativity.


Self-Esteem is an overall sense of achievement a child feels from the important people around him. Task basis activities could help children to build up a stronger self-esteem with a better judgment about their own worth.

Recommended Age


*These are recommendations made under normal circumstances. Parents can determine which activities are most suitable depending on the progress of individual children.

Stage 1 (6 - 12M)

Activity 1.1

Objective: Listening and attention training - observing your child's reaction to sounds
Method: Squeak or crinkle the animals to create sounds from different directions. Observe if your child's gaze follows the sounds.


Activity 1.2

Objective: Fine motor skills training - grasping
Method: Encourage children to grasp the animals with both their right and left hands.


Activity 1.3

Objective: Gross and fine motor skills training - squeezing and shaking
Method: Encourage children to squeeze and shake the animals to create rattling and squeaking sounds.


Stage 2 (12 - 24M)

Activity 2.1

Objective: Cognitive training - learning names of animals
Method: Teach children the names of different animals.






Activity 2.2

Objective: Cognitive training - pointing to animals
Method: Name different animals and encourage children to point to them.


Stage 3 (24 - 36M+)

Activity 3.1

Objective: Cognitive training - matching
Method: Encourage children to match the stuffed animal with the printed animal on the mat. For example, the alligator should be placed in the river and the monkey on the tree.










Activity 3.2

Objective: Imagination training - creating stories
Method: Allow children to make up stories, using the animals as the main characters, and the jungle as the setting.


Activity 3.3

Objective: Self care skills - tidying up by themselves
Method: The mat can be folded in half to form a bag. This makes it easy for children to carry the toys around with them. Encourage children to place the animals back into the bag after playing.



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