Legend Age Healthy Cherry Lipsticks (Lip Colour Changes Follow Body PH)
Legend Age Healthy Cherry Lipsticks (Lip Colour Changes Follow Body PH) 
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Product Description

Legend Age Healthy Cherry Lipstick – A brand that born in France in 1958, a product that contain only natural ingredients. A combination of lip balm, lipstick and lip mask that bring you a healthy lips. It is a solution for the lips problem. Suitable For Pregnant Women & Children. Formulated in France, manufactured in China (Ingredients imported from France)

One lipstick, thousands colors. The anthocyanins and iron extracted from cherry can be absorbed easily by lip skin and change lip color depending on skin temperature, blood circulation and skin PH value.

  • Darker red means acidic
  • Pink means alkaline

Acid is a hotbed for all diseases. Meanwhile, it can detect the body’s sub-health condition.

The Top ingredient for Lipcare present healthy &  attractive lipstick, forms Heme peptide Bionic Effect according to the various natural & green active ingredients.

3 unique inrgrediants

  • West India Cherry Extract
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Beewax

West India Cherry Extarct

  1. Enhance lips blood circulation, brighten lips color
  2. Rich iron could help lips produce more heme and could keep lips fresh and gorgeous.
  3. Plenty of anthocyanin , when anthocyanin encounter body acid the red color is getting darker if the acid is too strong. Therefore, the lips color changes depending on user's lip temperature to present thousand of colors. (Be rich in anthocyanin and iron , react skin PH-value, adjust lips colour naturally, preventing lips from aging)

Vitamin E Oil

  1. Natural and powerful antioxidant can maintain the integrity of the cell membrance, keep moisture, prevent pigmentation, reduce lip wrinkle and prevent lip aging.
  2. One of the essential Vitamins. It is extracted from a larger amount of healthy green plant's seed germ and easily absorbed by the skin to promote the metabolism and prevent pigmentation, improve skin elasticity, moisturize lip skin and slow aging.


  1. Natural beeswax is yellow or pale brown ( this is the reason why our lipstick paste is yellow).
  2. Beewax is fatty substances secreted by works bees. The main component if this wax is an ester of higher fatty acids and higher monohydric alcohol.
  3. Maintain carotene, vitamin e and permeable, smooth to repair and rejuvenated lips.
  4. Moisture lips and reduce lip wrinkle
  5. Lightweight to keep lip skin breathing and promote metabolism.
  6. Strengthen lip skin’s defense and improve the ability to repair.
  7. Refining lip-lines, cheilitis, peeling & caring lips

Top 4 Secrets of Legend Age Healthy Cherry Lipsticks

  1. Maintain And Long Lasting Lip Colour
  2. Contain Strong Vitamin E Antioxidant
  3. Relax And Non-Sticky Lip
  4. Improve And Lessen The Lip Wrinkles

A Lipstick that solve 6 problems

  1. Purple and Black Lips
  2. Lips with Fine Lines
  3. Dry and Dark Lips
  4. Crack and Peeling Lips
  5. Pale Lips
  6. Greasy Lips

A Lipstick that Present Thousand Colours

  • Lip Colour Refreshing
  • Several Colours Appear Everyday

Application and Cautions


  • Apply to lips no more than 4 times per day. The best time is after breakfast, lunch, supper and before bed. Apply several times to make the finishing pinker. Put the lipstick into refrigerator to cool it before use if the paste is too soft.


  • Do not twist out the paste over since the paste is soft because of no paraffin. Keep the lipstick away from heat.
  • After cleansing, apply to the lip directly,at least 4 times a day. Please use it after each meal and before sleep because the driest lead to the vulnerable mucosa after meals.
  • Night is the best repairing time for body as well as the skin
  • Use repeatedly everyday to lip repairing and color fixing for embroidered lip
  • If want bright lip color, please repeat several times when applying
  • If a softer lipstick appears, please place it in the cold-storing chamber of refrigerator for 5 minutes then use it as usual


  • Display in well-ventilated place without alcohol, nail polish, paint and other strong smell stuff.


  • Keep away from heat. Keep lipstick stand still

Healthy Cherry Lipstick is Soft because of Paraffin-Free

In order to avoid breaking off, please twist up just 1 cm when applying. To avoid melting, please do not put the lipstick in the place with high temperature (in the car). If the lipstick melts, please place it in the refrigerator for some time to re-solidify.

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