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XiaoMi Max 6.44iNch Smartphone [32GB] 3GB 16MP+5MP (Mi Warranty)
By Mi
Mi Max 6.44iNch Smartphone [32GB] 3GB 16MP+5MP (Mi Warranty) 
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  • 6.44 inches Display
  • Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Snapdragon 650 hexa-core 1.8GHz max Adreno 510 600MHz Processor
  • 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM
  • Dual SIM
  • Rear fingerprint sensor
  • 16 MP Rear Camera, 5 MP Front Camera
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth v4.2
  • Non-removable Li-Ion 4850 mAh battery

Product Description

Mi Maxis the new big

6.44” immersive display, large 4850mAh battery

3GB + 32GB

Available in Sliver and Gold.


Max out on movies and shows


Bigger is better with Mi Max, especially when watching hit shows and movies on-the-go.

Notice fine detail and read subtitles comfortably, even when you're sharing the screen with friends.

Max out your gaming experience


The large display dramatically improves gaming visibility and allows for precise taps. It's the best way to level up your game.

Max out on books and magazines


Mi Max doubles up as an e-book reader. The large display shows more words at a glance, so you have to flip fewer pages.

It's the best way to catch up on books, magazines, and comics when travelling.

Max out on productivity


Reports, documents and presentations look exceptionally good on Mi Max. Edit content directly on your phone and maximize your efficiency when out of the office.

Max out, more traffic at a glance


Navigate and plan routes easily. Clear visibility of your phone is fundamental for driving safely; Mi Max shows you more of the map so you don't have to squint at your phone. The big screen makes searching for addresses more convenient.

Large display with a surprising lightness


7.5mm thin, 203g light. Despite having a large 2.5D curved display and metal body, Mi Max is extremely thin, light, and fits perfectly in one hand.

Power to the max large 4850mAh battery


Mi Max houses our biggest battery yet, a massive 4850mAh to keep you powered throughout the day. While typical smartphones can manage 7 to 10 hours of video playback, Mi Max can last 14 hours on average. What better way to binge watch your favourite TV shows?

Massive storage Up to 128GB microSD support


Load up on your favorite shows wherever you go. The 3-choose-2 hybrid SIM slot supports up to 128GB microSD storage.

Performs to the max


Not only does Mi Max have a large display, it's also a high-performance phone. Features a Snapdragon 650 processor, 16MP PDAF camera and fingerprint recognition. It's a phone that's big on performance.

  • Snapdragon 650 High performance processor
  • 16MP camera Ultra-fast PDAF focusing
  • Full LTE support Supports LTE bands
  • Fingerprint recognition Higher security, faster unlocking
  • Infrared remote Control TVs, air conditioners, and more
  • 4G Dual SIM Both SIM slots support 4G networks

MIUI 8, coming soon to Mi Max


Inspired by the swirling colors of the kaleidoscope, MIUI is beautiful, user-friendly and more efficient than ever. Take scrolling screenshots, calculate currency conversions, create dual app log-ins, or access split phone profiles. There's so much new in MIUI 8, coming soon to over 200 million active users worldwide.


For your max viewing pleasure


Stunning from all angles, the 6.44” large display on Mi Max delivers a beautifully immersive mobile experience. So whether you're watching a TV show, reading a book, or navigating a map, you'll always have more content on hand to see the big picture.


Mi Max, your mobile IMAX


Bigger is always better when watching movies and TV shows. Play episode after episode while fully immersed in rich detail. The 6.44” display is large enough to share the entertainment with a travel partner on the bus or train.


Game in a larger arena


Game to your heart's content with a larger display. It's more fun to aim, shoot and race when graphics are clearer and pop off the screen. Whether it's tower defense, role-playing or puzzles, you'll be be able to see better and game better with Mi Max.


As much viewing area as a 6" Kindle


Mi Max is perfect for reading on commutes and long travels. Text size is comfortably big and the 6.44” display shows more in each glance, so you flip less. Read books, news articles, comics and magazines easily and naturally, from cover to cover.

Office tools

Productivity at its max


Jot down meeting notes and respond to emails quickly. Typing is more precise on the large keyboard. Leading a small meeting with two or three people? Refer to documents, tables and powerpoints on Mi Max and edit them on the fly. It's a great office tool that's by your side 24/7.


Big display for big shoppers


Shopping is easier and more fun when you get to see and explore more. Zoom in on textures and styles in bigger detail, scroll through more search results and see more descriptions at a glance. Mi Max not only delivers a more efficient shopping experience, it's a shopaholic's dream screen too.


Traffic and directions at a glance


See more of the map when checking traffic conditions, planning routes, and navigating. One quick glance is all you need, and you can fix your attention back on the road. It's a safer way to drive. The large display also makes it easier to input address and search for your destination.


Maximize your window to the web


Mobile browsing can be limiting, that's why most people switch to tablets or laptops at home to search or surf. With Mi Max's roomy and spacious display, you won't need to switch to a different device. Browse webpages, forums, sports results and news sites as effortlessly as using a tablet.


Create on a larger canvas


Mi Max is what most creative types need: a larger canvas, a better instrument, a brighter stage. Edit and curate your portfolio with photo editing apps. Create impromptu piano riffs and play them out so you don't forget. What will you create next?


Comic relief


Reading comics on Mi Max is an addictive experience. The large, stunning display is the best complement to your favorite graphic novels. Text is crisp, clear and comfortable to read so you don't have to zoom in to read dialogues, allowing you to savor more panels.


Snap, edit, post. Repeat.


Snap comfortably with one hand, then use Mi Max's large display to brighten, crop, filter and edit with precision. With up to 3456 x 4680 resolution photos, you can even print photographs as large as 6”.


A recipe for success


Cook with Mi Max by your side. The large screen makes it so clear and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. What will you cook next?


Max in more ways than one


At the heart of Mi Max, is a powerful Snapdragon 650 processor to keep images fluid and apps snappy. It packs a massive 4850mAh all-day battery and 128GB microSD support for all your storage needs. Mi Max is more than a supersized display, it also pushes all other requirements to the max.

Snapdragon 650 processor


Flagship Cortex-A72 performance cores on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 650 ensure that Mi Max can handle several intensive tasks at once. Its Adreno 510 GPU renders high-quality graphics extremely quickly. The result is a fluid experience on Mi Max whether you're snapping photos, watching HD videos, playing games, and more.


4850mAh, our biggest battery yet


Big screen, big battery. Mi Max is fitted with a 4850mAh high capacity battery-our largest yet. Standby and usage times increase dramatically when combined with MIUI 8 power-saving features. While typical smartphones offer anywhere from 7 to 10 hours of video playback, Mi Max offers up to 14 hours on a full charge. Now you can watch back to back episodes from your favorite shows without stopping to charge!

Massive 128GB storage space

The best way to bring all your music, photos, shows and movies in a single device. Mi Max comes with 32GB or 128GB on-board flash and up to 128GB expandable microSD for all your storage needs.

3-choose-2 hybrid SIM tray

Provides the flexibility to use two SIM cards simultaneously, or swap out the second SIM for a microSD card.

Safer, faster, fingerprint unlocking


Unlock Mi Max in an instant with fingerprint recognition. Add additional layers of security and privacy too. Lock apps, hide folders, privatize notes and enable Child mode. Access files and information securely and quickly with a single press. Fingerprint accuracy improves over time with each successful unlock.

16MP camera with Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF)


Don't just watch movies, be a movie maker. Mi Max has a flagship 16MP camera with fast Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) so that you can quickly capture scenes as they happen around you. Think of the display as your 6.44” viewfinder for framing the right shot. It's a bigger, better shooting experience that brings videos and photos to life.

Look your best with Beautify


No time for makeup? No worries. Beautify enhances your best features using one of 36 smart beauty profiles. MIUI 8 now lets you individually tailor skin smoothness, eye widening, jaw slimming and more. Changes are dynamic and are done in real-time, so you just have to find the best angle and work it!

Speed ahead with 4G

Mi Max isn't just easier for browsing, it's extremely fast. 4G networks are supported on either SIM slot, so you can surf, stream and share at blazing speeds.

Not just a big display, a great display

Advanced display technologies make the Mi Max display not just big, but great for various daily situations. Sunlight Display adjusts brightness and contrasts for each pixel in real-time under bright conditions. Night Display allows for dimmer, less glaring light for bedtime reading. Reading mode reduces blue light and strain on your eyes for prolonged reading.

Sunlight Display


Mi Max detects ambient light and automatically adjusts brightness and contrast levels for each pixel in real-time. Images stay clear, bright, and hold their ground under the sun.

Night Display


A sophisticated fader allows high precision brightness adjustments for better night reading. Dimmer options reduce glare and strain on your eyes.

Reading mode


Blue light emissions on laptops and phones can cause eye fatigue and may interfere with sleep. Reading mode adjusts screen color to reduce blue light, which is better for prolonged reading.



Calculate and Convert


Keyed in the wrong digit in Calculator? Make inline changes at any time.


Convert currency, weight, height and more with MIUI 8.

All-new Gallery

Redesigned so you can view more photos at a glance.

335624(35) 335624(36)  
Sorted by date for easy searching Beautiful panorama previews  
335624(37) 335624(38)
Tap or slide to select multiple photos Swipe up to share instantly

Professional Photo Editor

Level up your photos with an advanced photo editor built into Gallery.

Filter, adjust, doodle, mosaic and more without using a separate app.

335624(39) 335624(40) 335624(41) 335624(42) 335624(43)
Filters add feeling to each photo
Draw on your photos with four different brush sizes and hundreds of colours
Crop your photos to perfection with four different cropping modes
Block sensitive or personal info with just a swipe
Tweak your photos’ contrast, saturation, brightness and more

Video Editing


Spice up your videos with filters, text and background music.

Redesigned Notes


An elegant new interface to keep your notes organized.


Add character to notes with a variety of background cards.


Dual apps


Create and sign into dual accounts for any app, including WhatsApp, Facebook and more.

Second space


Use different passcodes or fingerprints to access different profiles, each with its own wallpaper, apps, files and photos.

Perfect for times when you need a clear separation in your life!

Quick ball


Add your favourite apps and frequent actions for better one-handed control.

Scrolling screenshots


Take scrolling screenshots of webpages and news articles. Crop, doodle or mosaic before sharing with a friend.

Type less, do more


Save frequent phrases or personal info, then paste them anytime, anywhere.


Do more with dialer

Search contacts or local businesses in English or Hindi straight from the dialpad.

335624(52) 335624(53)
Search contacts in English or Hindi directly from the dialer with T9-input Numbers for local businesses are displayed below your contacts

Built-in Caller ID


Avoid scams and sales calls using MIUI's built-in database.

Identify incoming calls


Instantly identify calls from popular services like Swiggy, Zomato, Domino's Pizza, and more.

Organize your messages automatically


All confirmations and notifications are automatically separated from conversations.

Easier on the eyes


MIUI intelligently formats SMS messages from businesses and services so they're easier to read.

Take action


MIUI provides helpful action buttons directly below messages from businesses and services, allowing you to take action with just one tap.


Big, bold and beautiful


One of the things that make Mi Max beautiful is how the ultra-thin sleek metal frame encases the 6.44” display so elegantly.

Despite a large 4850mAh battery, it is extremely light and still fits comfortably in one hand.









Package contents


Mi Max, power adapter, USB cable, warranty card, user guide, SIM insertion tool

 Customer Reviews on Mi Max 6.44iNch Smartphone [32GB] 3GB 16MP+5MP (Mi Warranty)

  1. amarzai.... on 3/14/2017, said:
Thorus seal. Great Item. Excellent packaging. Will purchase again.

  2. contact.yjwongi.... on 2/27/2017, said:
Fast delivery by Superbuy Team. Superb packaging !!

  3. tingsiao.... on 10/2/2016, said:
satisfied and fast delivery, will purchase again

  4. jumper.... on 9/26/2016, said:
It's a Mi Malaysia original phone with the Thorus seal. I like 6.44 " Big screen.

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Question and Answer on Mi Max 6.44iNch Smartphone [32GB] 3GB 16MP+5MP (Mi Warranty) 

(1) Q & A on Mi Max 6.44iNch Smartphone [32GB] 3GB 16MP+5MP (Mi Warranty)   
From : Anonymous
Q : Seller mentioned it's a "Mi Warranty", is that mean we can do warranty claim at any Malaysia Mi service center directly or should we ship back to seller and wait for claim?
9/14/2016 12:17:58 PM
A : Hi, if you have problem with the item, you can proceed to authorized service centre with Superbuy receipt that printable from your account or you can send back to us for warranty claim. Thanks
9/14/2016 3:34:19 PM
3 Hours
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Error Code1.

Processor & Memory

3GB RAM + 32GB Flash
Snapdragon 650 hexa-core 1.8GHz max
Adreno 510 600MHz

Supports expandable storage up to 128GB (VFAT format)



Height: 173.1mm
Width: 88.3mm
Thickness: 7.5mm
Weight: 203g
Battery 4850mAh (typ) / 4760mAh (min) high capacity battery
5V / 2A charging
Camera and video 335624(70)

16MP rear camera

5-element lens, ƒ / 2.0 aperture
Two-tone flash
PDAF supported
Low light enhancement
Burst mode
Face recognition
Real-time filters

5MP front camera

Beautify with 36 smart beauty profiles
ƒ / 2.0 large aperture, 85° wide angle
Selfie countdown
Face recognition
Video recordings

1080p / 720p video, 30fps
720p slow-mo, 120fps

Display 6.44” immersive display
450nit high-brightness
1920x1080 resolution, 342 PPI, 1000:1 contrast ratio
72% NTSC color gamut
Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3

Sunlight Display
Night Display
Reading mode
Color temperature adjustment
Connectivity 4G dual SIM 335624(71)

802.11a / b / g / n / ac dual-band Wi-Fi, MU-MIMO enabled
Wi-Fi Display,Wi-Fi Direct
Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth HID

3-choose-2 hybrid SIM tray
nano SIM + micro SIM, or micro SIM + microSD card

Dual SIM use:
When two SIM cards are used simultaneously, the primary SIM can support 4G calls and data while the secondary SIM can support 3G calls oniy.

Network bands

FDD-LTE: B1 / B3 / B5 / B7
TD-LTE: B38 / B39 / B40 / B41
TD-SCDMA: 1900 / 2000MHz
WCDMA: 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100MHz
GSM: 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900MHz

Fingerprint sensor and buttons 335624(72)
GPS navigation and positioning GPS
Sensors Infrared
Proximity sensor
Ambient light sensor
Hall sensor
Electronic compass
Multimedia support


Supports H.265 / HEVC (main profile), H.264 (baseline / main / high profile), MPEG4 (simple profile / ASP), and VC-1 (simple / main / advanced profile).

Supported audio formats: PCM, AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+, MP3, AMR-NB / WB, FLAC, APE, DSD, and WAV.

Our operation hours is 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday,we'll back to you in normal business hours.
Q & A: Mi Max 6.44iNch Smartphone [32GB] 3GB 16MP+5MP (Mi Warranty)   
From : Anonymous
Q : Seller mentioned it's a "Mi Warranty", is that mean we can do warranty claim at any Malaysia Mi service center directly or should we ship back to seller and wait for claim?
9/14/2016 12:17:58 PM
A : Hi, if you have problem with the item, you can proceed to authorized service centre with Superbuy receipt that printable from your account or you can send back to us for warranty claim. Thanks
9/14/2016 3:34:19 PM
3 Hours
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