Ogawa Unique Sheen - OY0159
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Ogawa Unique Sheen - OY0159 
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Product Description

Unique Sheen

A Time-Honored Traditional Eastern Beauty Treatment. Our lifting massager is a beauty treatment that uses a special place to press down and pull up the skin.
The massager is a fusion of the wisdom of [Guasha] from the Orient with Microcurrent and Ion Skin Care Electrotechnologies. These three approaches bring beauty to the inside and the outside of our skin.
Product Benefits:
  • Skin tightening and pore shrink
  • Decorate facial contour and remove the double chin
  • Activate collagen cell, increase skin elasticity and whitening
  • Fade out dark circles of the eyes and remover the wrinkle of neck
  • Lymphatic detox with China[Guasha] way

Warranty period: 6 months

User Manual


Slide the device gently left
and right between your
eyebrows. (back and forth,
3 times)
above your eyebrows your
hairline. Lift up the skin on
the centre, right side. left
side and your entire
forehead while sliding, (3
times each)
Switch the massager to
face the other direction.
Press the device closely
along the skin above your
eyebrows, slide upwards
towards your hairline.
Slowly pull and slide the
device upwards for five
seconds. (3 times each)


Slide the device from left to
right, with your chin
positioned between the
two curves of the device.
(back and forth, 3 times)
From the side of your
mouth, slide the device
upwards towards your
temple, lifting up the skin
of the corner of your
mouth. (3 times)
Switch the massager up to
face the other direction.
Press the device closely
along the folds of your
cheek at the sides of your
nose, slide towards the
side of your ear. Slowly
pull and side the device
upwards for five seconds.
(3 times)


Slide the massager from
the front of your ear,
straight down towards your
collarbones. (3 times)
Gently slide the device in a
tracing motion across the
top of your collarbone,
from the middle towards
the side. (3 times)
Switch the massager to
face the other direction.
Press the device closely
against your neck and
slide down to your
neckline. Slide slowly for
five seconds. (3 times)

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Please clean up the massager with cotton pads or soft cloth.
  • Do not use sharp objects or metal parts to clean it in order to avoid the damage.
  • Please put the massager in cool and dry environment.
  • Please take out battery if no operation on it.

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