Rossmax Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - X1
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Rossmax Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor - X1 
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Product Description

Cuff Detection (CD)

Detects and indicates whether the cuff is wrapped around the arm properly.

Movement Detection

The “Movement Detection” helps reminding the user to remain still and is indicating any body movement during measurement. The specified icon appears once a “body movement” has been detected during and after each measurement.

Real fuzzy Technology

Real Fuzzy Technology determines ideal cuff pressure based on one’s systolic blood pressure and arm size. Users no longer need to pre-set the inflation level before measurement. The technology eliminates arm discomfort through unnecessary high inflation settings and also prevents inaccurate readings caused by erroneous cuff inflation levels.


  • Cuff Detection
  • Movement Detection
  • Hypertension Risk Indicator
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector (IHB)
  • Last Number Memory Recall
  • One TouchAutomatic Operation
  • Latex - Free Patented Universal Cone Cullf (24-40cm circumference)
  • Large LCD size: 55 x 63 mm
  • String Bag
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What is systolic & diastolic?

The two conditions of the heart


  1. SYSTOLIC: Muscle is tensed = pumping high blood flow and high pressure in artheries.
  2. DIASTOLIC: Muscle is relaxed = no pumping slow blood flow and low pressure in artheries.

What is pulse rate?


The pulse rate is the number of heartbeats per minute

Blood Pressure Standard


Tips to measure accurately

  • Avoid any kind of stress before taking measurement (phyiscal, mental, eating, smoking)
  • Sit down and relax 5min. prior to taking measurement
  • Always take measurement in seated position and at the same arm (usually left arm)
  • Make sure not to wear tight sleeves that would compress your arthery and influence blood flow. *Don’t roll up sleeve of your shirt, but take it off or if only thin fabric it can be worn flat on the skin underneath the arm cuff not affecting the measurement
  • Adjust the cuff so that it is not too tight or loose
  • Do not talk and move when taking measurement
  • Do not cross leg and breathe gently when taking measurement
  • Conditions at home should be the same for everyday reading

Tips to measure accurately-Correct Posture


Quick Guide

  1. Unwrap the arm cuff. Put your left arm through the cuff loop. The color strip indication should be positioned closer to you with the tube pointing in the direction of your arm.
  2. Turn your left palm upward and place the edge of the arm cuff at approximately 1.5 to 2.5 cm above the inner side of the elbow joint .Tighten the cuff by pulling the end of the cuff.
  3. Center the tube over the middle of the arm. Press the hook and loop material together securely.
  4. Allow room for 2 fingers to fit between the cuff and your arm. Position the artery mark (Ø) over the main artery (on the inside of your arm).
  5. Plug in the cuff connecting tube into the unit.
  6. Lay your arm on a table (palm upward) so the cuff is at the same height as your heart. Make sure the tube is not kinked.
  7. This cuff is suitable for your use if the arrow falls within the solid color line as shown. If the arrow falls outside the solid color line, you will need a cuff with other circumferences.
  8. Press the ON/OFF/START key. Measurement will then begin.

Blood Pressure Standard

Refer to the definition of the World Health Organization, the blood pressure ranges can be classified into 6 grades. (Ref. 1999 WHO-International Society of Hypertension Guidelines or the management Hypertension). This blood pressure classification are based on historical data, and may not be directly applicable to any particular patient. It is important that you consult with your physician regularly. Your physician will tell you your normal blood pressure range as well as the point at which you will be considered at risk. For reliable monitoring and reference of blood pressure, keeping long-term records is recommended. Please download the blood pressure log at our website www.rossmax.com.

Measurement Procedures

Here are a few helpful tips to help you obtain more accurate readings:

  • Blood pressure changes with every heartbeat and is in constant fluctuation throughout the day.
  • Blood pressure recording can be affected by the position of the user, his or her physiological condition and other factors. For greatest accuracy, wait one hour after exercising, bathing, eating, drinking beverages with alcohol or caffeine, or smoking to measure blood pressure.
  • Before measurement, it's suggested that you sit upright (900) and quietly for at least 5 minutes as measurement taken during a relaxed state will have greater accuracy. You should not be physically tired or exhausted while taking a measurement. Make sure that the arm is same level with the heart when during take measurement in order to obtain more accurate readings.
  • Do not take measurements if you are under stress or tension.
  • During measurement, do not talk or move your arm or hand muscles.
  • Take your blood pressure at normal body temperature. If you are feeling cold or hot, wait a while before taking a measurement.
  • If the monitor is stored at very low temperature (near freezing), have it placed at a warm location for at least one hour before using it.
  • Wait 5 minutes before taking the next measurement.

Remark: Please consult doctor for interpretation of results

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  1. naji.... on 8/7/2017, said:
Really Satisfied with this kind of product. Can be function exactly, user friendly and provided with battery and ready to used

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