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Runtastic Orbit [FREE LifeStraw Hollow Fiber Water Filter - LSPHF020]
By Runtastic
Runtastic Orbit [FREE LifeStraw Hollow Fiber Water Filter - LSPHF020] 
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FREE LifeStraw Hollow Fiber Water Filter - LSPHF020

Product Description

Runtastic Orbit is your reliable 24 hour activity, fitness & sleep tracker. Monitor daily activities, learn more about your sleep habits, set personal goals and get inspired by this new, exciting wearable. Orbit provides information about Steps & Distance, Calories Burned, Sleep Duration & Cycles, and allows you to set & reach your goals, utilize vibrating idle notifications and track your happiest moments. Orbit also boasts Time & Alarm modes, negating the need for yet another gadget on your wrist!

The integrated ambient light sensor (for advanced sleep tracking), its long-lasting battery & wireless sync feature utilizing Bluetooth® Smart, as well as the fact that it’s waterproof up to 100m/300ft, make Orbit the perfect device for round-the-clock tracking. Combine it with the compatible Me app on your smartphone of choice or use it as a stand-alone device – the choice is yours!


  • 24 hour tracking: Tracks your activities, fitness & sleep cycles
  • Versatile usability: Wear it on your wrist, belt or a more discreet location
  • See your Steps & Distance, Calories Burned, Sleep Duration & Cycles plus much more
  • Set & reach personal goals, use vibration alarms & notifications & monitor your daily progress
  • Integrates with the Runtastic Me app & your Runtastic GPS app for running, biking & other fitness activities
  • Waterproof up to 100m

Supported Devices

  • iPhone: iPhone 4s/5/5s/5c/6/6 Plus/6s
  • Android: Bluetooth® Smart Ready Android™ devices running Android 4.3 and more recent versions
  • Windows Phone: Bluetooth® Smart Ready Windows Phones running WP 8.1, or more recent versions
Runtastic Orbit - the new, 24-hour wearable from Runtastic - provides you with reliable, round-the-clock tracking to help you get a better sense of your daily movements, personal habits and untapped potential.
Purchase Runtastic Orbit to track your everyday activities and optimize your lifestyle.
Download the free Runtastic Me app to integrate your Orbit in the Runtastic Ecosystem.
Whether you prefer the practical wristband or multi-functional clip, get out there and get moving!
  • Track your Steps & Distance daily
  • Monitor Sleep Duration & Cycles each night
  • Keep an eye on Calories Burned
  • Set & Reach Goals like never before
  • View Runtastic app stats using Orbit Connect
  • (Not yet available for Windows Phone)
  • Go for a swim with your Waterproof Orbit

FREE LifeStraw Hollow Fiber Water Filter - LSPHF020
Product Description

LifeStraw is an award-winning point-of-use portable water filter that transforms microbiologically contaminated water into safe, clean drinking water. It is ideal for a variety of users outside of the home, from hikers and campers to people displaced by natural disasters.

  • Lightweight--only 56 grams (or 2 ounces)
  • Uses hollow fibre microfiltration technology
  • Purifies a minimum of 1000 litres (264 gallons) of water
  • Removes virtually all bacteria (99.9999 percent) and protozoan parasites (99.9 percent) that can contaminate water, including giardia
  • Reduces turbidity (muddiness) by filtering particulate matter larger than 0.2 microns
  • Made of durable plastic 
  • Chemical-free
  • Doesn’t require electrical power, batteries or replacement parts–it’s powered by user-generated suction


  • Since introduced in 2005, LifeStraw has been used in major natural disasters including the Haiti earthquake and Pakistan floods.
  • When contaminated water is consumed, the outcome can range from gastrointestinal discomfort to serious diarrheal illness or life-threatening disease.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, during water-related emergencies, the quality and safety of water can be compromised. Water-related emergencies can be created by natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and landslides.

How it Works

LifeStraw uses advanced hollow fiber technology. This is a highly efficient method of filtration. Hollow fibre membrane requires no chemicals like chlorine or iodine.

  1. Water enters and is forced through narrow fibers under high pressure.
  2. Hollow fibers trap bacteria, protozoa, and other contaminants which are flushed out by backwashing.
  3. Clean water exits through tiny pores in the walls of the hollow fibers.
  4. Filtered water is safe to drink.

Easy to Use

Anyone who can use a drinking straw can use a LifeStraw. Simply draw the unfiltered water through the LifeStraw, blow air back through the straw to flush and clear it after drinking.


  • 22.5 centimeters (nine inches) long and 2.5 centimeters (one inch) in diameter

In Action

Vestergaard partnered with Right to Play, a nonprofit organization that uses sport and play to enhance child development in areas of disadvantage, to donate 1,000 LifeStraw filters to the community of San Mateo in Peru. The children received health messaging through a fun series of games and interactive exercises.

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