Simplicite Great Outdoors Sunscreen (125ml)
Simplicite Great Outdoors Sunscreen (125ml) 
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Product Description

Beneficial for: All Skin Types and Ages

Effective sunscreening plus moisturising benefits.

  • Light, non-greasy - will not congest the pores.
  • Beneficial for Acne Breakouts, Anti-Ageing, Combination/Dry (has/had oiliness), Dry Skin (Body), Hyper-Pigmentation.
  • Moisturising sun protection for both face and body.
  • Highly effective & absolutely beautiful to use.
  • Also ideal for babies and children.
  • A synergistic, powerful combination of 17 freshly extracted, medicinal grade plant extracts.
  • The only sunscreen that contains important skin nutrients to aid in the prevention of sun damage.
  • "Buffered" ’ formula won’t cause hyper-pigmentation and sensitivity as so many other sunscreens do.
  • Water resistant, broad spectrum protection.
  • SPF30 is NOT double the protection of SPF15

Contains 17 concentrated 'medicinal grade' plant, flower and herb extracts 'buffer' the three TGA-approved sunscreening ingredients.

Sunscreen and SPF Facts

  • SPF 30 is NOT double the protection of SPF 15 Neither is SPF 50 three times the protection of SPF 15.
  • SPF 30, for example, gives only 4% more protection than an SPF 15 - 97% compared to 94%.
  • This equates to an extra 7 minutes – but with a significant increase in the chemicals in the product.
  • Every sunscreen, no matter what the SPF rating, MUST be reapplied every TWO hours when necessary.

Does not contain PABA, mineral oil - or nano particles.

How to use

  • At least 15 minutes before going in the sun apply liberally to exposed areas.
  • Apply again after swimming.
  • Absolutely perfect to apply to infants and children.

Ingredients: Pure Water, Octyl Methoxycinnamate(organic compound UVB absorber), Isopropyl Myristate, Glycerin Benzophenone-3 (organic UVA & UVB absorber), Glyceryl stearate (sustainable palm source) Oxybenzone, freshly extracted organic Aloe Vera juice* (not the lifeless dried powder from China), Potassium, cetyl phosphate, Eicosene copolymer (water resistant) Cetostearyl alcohol (white of coconut source) fresh, medicinal-grade herbal extract of Calendula Flowers*, Chickweed* Marshmallow*, Extracts of Australian bushflowers (Southern Cross*, Wattle* Paw Paw* Kapok bush*, Banksia*, Mulla mulla*), Calendula infused oil* Sesame oil*, Avocado oil* Jojoba oil*, Radish root ferment filtrate Avobenzone (UVA absorber) essential oils of (Rose Geranium, Chamomile, Lemongrass), Sambucus nigra fruit ext D-Panthenol Gluconolactone (found naturally in fruit and honey), Carbopol thickener Dimethicone Sodium hydroxide (used in ramennoodles) and made from sea salt. *denotes certified organic or wild grown.


Refer below picture for sunscreen test where everyone should see (as shared by Robyn Rumbold).



Robyn Rumbold, from Goondoowindi in Queensland sent us this photo, and said,”This is an experiment that I like to do to see what happens I put different sunscreens onto polystyrene. It’s because I once spilled some sunscreen on our car and it took off all the paint right back to the metal. I was quite shocked!

Anyway, the big hole in the top left hand corner is a Cancer Council approved sunscreen that they were slathering on all the small children at the local kindergarten. Needless to say, I told them to not ever put it on my little girl, nor the harsh detergent that they were making the poor little darlings wash their hands with several times a day. (My daughter’s hands were red raw at the end of the day from doing this.)

Your Simplicité Great Outdoor Sunscreen is in the top right hand corner. As you can see this is excellent, it hasn’t even made the slightest indentation at all. So I’ll be using your product on my daughter and will also be telling my friends about your products - both for them and their children too.

I’m not sure what all this really means other than there must be harsh ingredients in these products and it makes sense to me that they shouldn’t be used on our skin. I thought I would share this with you so you could get people thinking about what they are using on their skin.

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