VS Sassoon Metro Personnal Grooming System - VS-7040H
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VS Sassoon Metro Personnal Grooming System - VS-7040H 
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Product Description

VS Sassoon Personal Grooming System is a comprehensive 10 pieces trimmer set for beard, moustache, sideburn trimming, nose, ear & eyebrow grooming.

  • Comes with 3 different trimming heads:
    • A  beard,   moustache, goatee  & finishing trimmer
    • A hygienic trimmer for nose & ear hair
    • An eyebrow trimmer
  • Comes complete with a convenient storage stand, perfect for holding the trimmer & accessories
  • 1 x AA battery operated (Not included)


Replace the attachments

  • Ensure the trimmer is turned off.
  • With the trimmer head in the locked position, hold the trimmer handle & turn the trimmer head anti-clockwise until the arrows line up with the "0" mark on the handle.
  • Lift the trimmer head from the handle.
  • To replace the trimmer head, align the black arrows on the trimmer head with the "0" mark on the handle. Push the trimmer head onto the handle.
  • Turn in clockwise direction until the 2 arrows on the trimmer head are aligned with "0" mark.

Using the trimmer

  • To use your trimmer, simply slide the "ON/OFF switch upwards to the ON position.
  • After you finish using your trimmer, slid the switch down to the OFF position.

Types of beads/mustaches

  • Determine which type of beard or moustache or goatee is suitable for you, depending on the shape & dimension of your face, the natural growth & the thickness of your beard/moustache/goatee. Once the beard/moustache/goatee has been styled, maintain its appearance by using the trimmer weekly.
  • For best results, your bead/goatee should be slightly damp (not wet) before using the trimmer. This will prevent the trimmer from removing more hair than desired.

Outlining your beard/goatee

  • Begin with a slightly damp heard.
  • Outline the desired shape at the beginning of your jawline.
  • Attach the 3/4 inch trimmer head.
  • Begin defining your beard's shape under your chin & work upward on each side of your face towards your ears.
  • Define the upper outline of your beard across your cheeks, past your sideburns & toward your hairline
  • To use the 5-position comb, slide it over the trimmer blades & snap down into position.
  • Use the longest comb & trim setting (5/8 inch) until you become familiar with the adjustment.
  • Start with your sideburns & work downward toward your chin.
  • Not to trim against the natural growth of your beard because hair will be cut too short.
  • Adjust to a shorter setting and go over your beard again until you achieve the desired length.

Trimming your moustache/sideburns

  • For best results, start with a clean, slightly damp mustache.
  • Comb through your mustache in the direction.
  • Place the 5-position comb over the trimmer blades & snap it into position.
  • It is good to start with the longest trim setting adjustment. You can go back & cut your mustache more closely with a shorter setting.

Trim your mustache from the top down

  • After your mustache has been trimmed to the desired length, remove the 5-way trimming attachment.
  • Using blades only, define the outline of the bottom of your mustache.

Trimming your eyebrow

  • Attach the 3/8 inch trimmer head & then the eyebrow comb.
  • Use the longest trim setting.
  • Starting from the center of your brow, use smooth even strokes.
  • With the comb removed, you can shape & define your eyebrow.
  • Move the unit slowly so as not to cut any hairs you do not intend to trim.

Trimming your nose hair

  • Attach 1/4 inch trimmer head to the trimmer handle.
  • Gently insert trimmer head into nostril.
  • Gently move trimmer in & out of the nostril as you rotate the trimmer in a circular motion around the nostril opening.
  • Avoid inserting the trimmer more than 1 inch to ensure safe trimming.

Trimming your ear hair

  • Attach 1/4 inch trimmer head to the trimmer handle.
  • Gently insert trimmer head not more than 1 inch into outer ear canal.
  • Gently move trimmer in & out of the outer ear & rotate trimmer in a circular motion around the ear canal opening.
  • Guide the trimmer around the outer surface of ear to trim protruding hairs.

Specifications superbuy:XME1415

Dimension(L x W x H in cm) 14 x 7.5 x 17
Weight 0.22 kg

 Customer Reviews on VS Sassoon Metro Personnal Grooming System - VS-7040H

  1. jacktan.... on 3/30/2015, said:
The 1st time of use it feel nice. all blade head function well. But the on/off button seem low quality, look not durable at all. Even with 2 years warranty, I really not hope I will need to send in warranty. It is good if VS can make it more higher quality since it is not cheap and is a branded product.

  2. bi.... on 10/13/2013, said:
Product berjenama tapi kualiti kurang , pertama kali guna nostril head sudah problem - off sendiri ,rotation blade tidak berfungsi , kena on-off button dua tiga kali baru ok . Tiga kali guna, terus rosak.Cukuran dengan pisau cukur lebih kemas dari guna alat ini.NOT RECOMMENDED

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Customer Reviews on VS Sassoon Metro Personnal Grooming System - VS-7040H 

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