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Hitec Mosquito Killer with Night Light - HT-IK808 
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By Hitec

Product Description

  • Microcomputer controlled, 2 working modes, LED night light and manual
  • Long lasting UV light to attract mosquito
  • Photo catalyst layered with over 90% efficiency
  • Auto anti-escape device

Curb the diseases carried by flying insects, and the most notorious are the annoying mosquitoes. Keep your little one happy and free of any irritating bites caused by these pesky creatures. Thanks to the Hitec Mosquito killer, it acts as both guardian and nightlight for your little one.

Unlike conventional mosquito repellents or killers, the HT IK808 is different. It does not have to rely on a power socket to function, making it a very mobile accessory to have in the bedroom. Place this little guy on counters, on top of cupboards or under the bed. Its mobile, letting users relocate the product easily.

UV light
The HT IK808 utilizes UV light with a predefined wavelength, which can attract mosquito efficiently. Mosquitoes are attracted in to a waterless environment and dehydrated to death within short period of time, and this product was designed to not letting any chance for those mosquitoes from coming out of this product alive ever again.

This change in method, allow for a far greater efficiency, and it works without any odor that may harm individuals with respiratory problems. It uses electrical ballast with high power factor, nice stability and wider voltage range which attracts mosquitoes better and more efficiently.

Specification superbuy:XME1415

  • Model:HT-IK808
  • Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power: 10W
  • Colour:Purple
  • Carton Dimension (mm):215 x 215 x 280
  • Net Weight/Gross Weight: 0.96kg/1.26kg
  • Effective Area: 50m²
  • Working Mode: 2 (LED Nightlight/Manual)
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