Why use Putto?

  1. 1. No Preservative

  1. 2. No Colouring Agent

  1. 3. No Alchohol

  1. 4. Helps Keep Baby's Skin Moisturized and Soft

  1. 5. Contains Natural Medicinal Herbal Extracts (NHEB-05™) To Keep Baby's Skin Healthy

  1. 6. Relieves Baby's Dry Skin & Itchiness


Putto Best Selling


Putto Secret Cream

Effective for nappy rash relief. Leaves no greasy residues and provides a nice silky smooth finish as it quickly absorbs by the skin.


RM 65.00

Putto Secret Lotion

Suitable to relieve skin irritation such as eczema and rashes. Contains effective scar relief roperties which leaves skin silky smooth and soft.


RM 75.00


About Putto

It smells nice. It feels good on your child's skin. And most of your friends are using it on their kids too. But is it the healthiest and safest choice? When it comes to getting shampoos, lotions, and other personal care products for your children - or giving them guidance on making the right choice - it's not always easy. The presence of chemicals like phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde found in many skin care products can be detrimental when used it in the long term. Unlike adults, babies' skin is thinner, more fragile and sensitive. It's also less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances in the environment, making it easily irritated.

PUTTO is a premium Korean Baby / Mother Skincare Brand, formulated from patented 100% Natural Medicinal Herbal Extracts (NHEB-05™), offering a premium skincare range which are free from Parabens, SLS, Talc and Petrochemicals. PUTTO aims to create awareness on the importance of effective skincare without the need for Parabens, SLS, Talc and Mineral Oils.


Putto Secret Baby Care


Putto Secret Oil Gel

Suitable for baby with all skin types. Massage baby with Putto Secret Oil Gel after bathing to leave the skin pampered. Comes in a form of gel and leaves no greasy residues.



Putto Secret Liquid Gel

Suitable to relieve skin inflammation and to soothe insect bites, scratches, redness, rashes and itchiness. No greasy residues and has a silky smooth finish.


RM 60.00

Putto Secret Cream

Suitable to relieve seriously dry and sensitive skin. Highly-moisturizing effects to prevent and treat itchy and dry skin.


RM 55.00


Putto Gift Sets


Putto Secret 2-Step Special Kit (Tube-Type) Lotion 35ml + Shampoo & Bath 35ml)


RM 100.00

Putto Secret 3-Step Special Kit (Bottle-Type) Lotion 55ml + Shampoo & Bath 55ml + Liquid Gel 55ml)


RM 65.00


Putto Clean & Care


100% Plant Base

Food Base Ingredients

EWG Green All Green Componets



Putto Houzz Diswashing Liquid (500ml)

Safe dishwashing detergent made of 100% food additive. Helps removes residues and oil on milk bottles, toys, dishes, etc.


RM 36.00

Putto Houzz Baby Laundry Detergent (1200ml)

Eco-friendly premium detergent with 100% ingredients derived from plants. Safe detergent washing for your baby and family's clothes.


RM 49.00

Putto Houzz Baby Mat Cleaner (500ml)

Surface and mat cleaner made of 100% plant ingredients. Removes dirts and harmful bacteria. Can also be used on toys and teaching aids.


RM 60.00


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